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It is all about the experience

We hear and read a lot about how our social, political and economic environments are in an unprecedented state of change. As we address the change around us we often think about cuts, re-deployment, product delivery, those things we tend to be able to monetize. I think we are being distracted from the one thing […]

Listen to Kids MORE!

Last night on Nightline I spoke to 6 kids, aged 10-12, about everything from who their idols are to how to solve the financial issues confronting us today. Listen to the conversation it was refreshing! What did I learn from the conversation? 1. that things often are as simple as they seem 2. perception is […]

Have your shirt and wear it also!

Are you living the dream, your dream at least? Well last summer I did something totally off the wall, I decided to create my own shirt brand, A James Original and sell some of the very shirts people have been telling me are very cool to a small elite group of people like you. You […]

The whatif of Gadgets and Education!

The latest installment of GADGET LAB from Wired Magazine has really got me thinking. The issue is how the iPhone might reboot ENGAGEMENT in education, and in this case we are talking about University education. The goal was simple! The initiative‚Äôs goal was to explore how the always-connected iPhone might revolutionize the classroom experience with […]

Journalists need retraining, sort of!

Today more than ever journalists need to be retrained on how to connect their stories to their multiple audiences. The problem faced by journalists today is very simply that their occupation is transforming and they do not know how to transform along with it. When we academics talk about the changes taking place to journalism […]

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