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It is a PREZI world now

How many of you have gone from an overhead projector to PowerPoint, maybe Keynote, and are now feeling pretty comfortable? Most of us have been using some variation of the slide projector/asetate presentation format all our lives. But you know what? We now liveĀ  in a whiteboard era. Can you imagine using a chalkboard? Yet […]

Thinking 2010

I stumbled on this nice little piece from TOM PETERS today. We must destroy “departments”–and create aggressive, imaginative, entrepreneurial Professional Service Firms in their stead. Two words that we need to infuse into our organizations in the New Year, education through plumbing, IMAGINATION and ENTREPRENEURIAL. We are living in a changed world, it is no […]

Better use of time!

The problem with social media is that is can and will be all consuming if you allow it to be. The problem with the Internet in general is there is simply so much out there how do you know where to start looking for information, ideas and just stuff? The usual approach is to go […]

What is in an experience?

We are living in an era where we believe that things such as look, process, action, and activity need to be updated in order to be better. I wonder if we haven’t gotten it all wrong? I was at the Dubai Fish Market on the 24th of December and the 1st thought that went through […]

The what have you published mentality

Today I was talking to a group of academics about convergent media. What I learned, to my surprise, is that even though I practice convergent media, see my nightline site, this does not count because I have not invested the painful time to write about it for some redundant academic journal. I have even taught […]

Innovation day

I don’t know if you read the blog by Diego Rodriguez called metacool, if not you should. Look at the list of innovation principles on the right hand side! Rodriguez puts a nice spin on innovation and maybe, just maybe, adds an element to the thought process that could re-focus what innovation is all about. […]

What we need is to know!

Last night I had the chance to speak to professor Dan Connell of Simmons College Boston about Eritrea. Listen to the podcast it is 20 minutes of magic. What do you know about Eritrea? If you are like me , not much. Yet this country has been in the news for over 30 years, and […]

Smart Journalism

Today the way we do journalism is developing before our eyes and many reporters do not even see it happening! Smart phones are making the distribution of news and opinion NEW. In the past I have called what is coming iJournalism but now I realize the new technology enables journalism is smart journalism! Smart phones […]

TEDx Dubai works and other do not get it!

I was part of an amazing experience in Dubai on the 10th of October, TEDx Dubai. TEDx Dubai was all about igniting the passion in people to not only talk about issues but to actually get out there and do something about it. Five people, all with full time jobs that are not related to […]

Why education today,ALL of it, gets an F!

We are in an education crisis today. You know it. Teachers know it. Students know it. Governments know it. So, you ask, if the crisis of education is happening in front of or eyes why are we sitting on our hands and taping our mouths shut? 1. fear of change 2. change = admission of […]

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