A curiosity cabinet ideas.


I want to share with you one of my absolute favorite WEB2.0 tools, yes I see WEB2.0 applications as tools, Audioboo! Audioboo is an application that I use on my iPhone to post audio podcasts. You may be saying why? Who cares? What is the point? All good questions! Well, there is no denying that […]

Simplicity? What have we given up?

There is no questioning my love of technology and gadgetry, but I am not the person who goes out and buys for the sake of having the newest thing on the block. In fact I have only, this month, bought my iPhone, and am loving it. It was using my new iPhone that made me […]

iPhone thoughts

I have a bit to write here but I want to start and leave you with this thought for now. What makes iPhone applications work is they are the way computing once was, simple and to the point. Somehow the general way we use a computer has lost focus and my iPhone has brought it […]

Do the shirts matter?

Last night I had a very interesting conversation with Razan Masri, she is behind the shirt sensation Camiceria Design in Dubai! The idea is to give men a shirt with personality beyond a piece of driftwood. But do men really want to dress with personality? And does dressing in shirts that accent a man’s personality […]

Food for Thought.

TEDxDubai and TED.COM in general have provoked me to spend a lot of time thinking about how we communicate about the issues around us that we need to deal with now! The short and simple answer is we do not communicate well about the micro issues that can/will and do impact upon our very lives. […]

The New Face of Journalism I Imagine.

I believe journalism is in a crisis situation, the crisis of being irrelevant. I believe that journalism is on the brink of becoming irrelevant as a field of study NOT because students are abandoning the field of study, but because the professors and practitioners of the trade are unable to grasp, see, live, adapt to […]

Tell A Story You Believe!

I spend a good portion of my week walking students through the art of storytelling. Today my storytelling lessons are increasingly in the guise of public speaking, something that +/- 90% of those who do it do poorly. What makes a good story/presentation? 10% content and 90% show! I It is the show that near […]

Where does Design begin and end?

Ideas, thinking and design are no longer singular or able to be compartmentalized.

Thinking About The Purpose of the University Today.

It has been a while since I sat down and put mind to keyboard here at JamesEd, sorry about that, I am back. I was reading today in the TimesOnline that 6th form students in the UK are facing the very real prospect of not being able to enter a University to continue their education, […]

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