A curiosity cabinet ideas.

Why I am a lucky person.

Over the past 2 months as Giorgio Ungania  and I have been working on this thing, TEDxDubai, I have had to pinch myself, almost hourly, to realize that this is really happening, an amazing event using the READY-FIRE-AIM methodology of Tom Peters. And there is also Natascia, Habiba and Pervaiz to recognize as making this […]

Art as a road to Societal innovation?

I had an opportunity to speak to Elizabeth Monoian, a person you have probably never heard of but want to know! What if you could change the way we think about our environment through practical, real, art applications? A conversation with Elizabeth Monoian. Elizabeth is looking at how we think about the inevitable END of […]

Looking for Innovation in all the wrong places!

We hear the word INNOVATION a lot these days. We are told that WE NEED innovation. WE are TOLD that innovation needs to be made sustainable. It would seem that any self respective profit generating entity is singing about how it has some edge on innovation in banking, retail, environmental issues and the list goes […]

What Are Ideas About Today?

I have been talking a lot about TEDxDubai, we are down to the final 21 days before the we engage in the DREAM-DO-BE event. Ideas are the most valuable commodity we have today and for the most part they are around us but being ignored. Why are ideas ignored? ARROGANCE, the belief that some people […]

Annonymity! And the NET.

I wonder if the idea of social networking and its power is undermined by people using it as an identity shield? My feeling is that I write electronically here and at Dubai Nightline to provide a forum for ideas, issues and information. I stand by my ideas and opinions and if someone feels there is […]

Be a TED Fellow 2010!

The TED Fellow program is an amazing opportunity to dive right into the TED program. I met many TED Fellows at TED2009 and was blown away! Here is a Fellow in action. Sophal Ear leads research on post-conflict countries — looking at the effectiveness of foreign aid and the challenge of development in places like […]

How to Speak Like a TEDster.

TEDxDubai is just around the corner, 32 days away, and the simple question speakers are asking is what is expected of me. The short answer is always watch a TEDtalk  by maybe Seth Godin, Al Gore, Elizabeth Gilbert or almost any of the other TED speakers at TED.com and then ask yourself what you need […]

Why Organize a TEDxDubai?

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt72Ue6FccA[/youtube] TEDxDubai is an independently organized TED event if you are wondering. A friend asked my, “why are Giorgio Ungania, you and a small band of merry friends putting together TEDxDubai?” That was a great question because it made me actually think about why I am involved in putting together a  1000 person TEDxDubai! It […]

The Making of TEDx Dubai!

39 days until TEDx Dubai and against all the odds Giorgio Ungania and myself seem to be taking a simple idea and making it into a cause for the nation! There seems to be no shortage of journalists looking for something to criticize about Dubai and the UAE. Fair enough, hang yourself out there as […]

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