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2009 June : JamesEd.com


A curiosity cabinet ideas.


It is that time of year again. School is out and I have a bag full of projects. This summer I am off writing a book, #2, #1 was Locker #2375 which is here! Go to THE STORY category. Locker #2375 is being revised as I write and I hope to be able to present […]

THE99.org, WOW worthy!

Dr. Naif Al Matawa in Conversation. We live in a media cluttered environment. And for the most part the content we consume is trash. But there are islands of amazement in the media ocean if you look hard enough. Dr. Naif Al Matawa has looked at that clutter and asked how can we use the […]

Notes from TED2009.

The TED2009 notes of James Piecowye. TED2009 was amazing and as Giorgio Ungania and myself plan our own TEDxDubai event to take place on October 10th I realized I had to get my random notes of TED2009, the reason I am engaged in TEDxDubai, out there. All I have done is take the ideas and […]

TEDxDUBAI, October 10, 2009

Georgio Ungania and myself are in the thick of planning TEDxDubai. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbY1ak-jFeg[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iADue6vn9g0[/youtube] TEDxDubai What a process, I get the pleasure of telling my TED experience story over and over. I must have told 50 people about TED and being at TED2009, and each time is as fresh as the 1st! What is the TEDxDubai […]

Re-Invent Media, Daily APAT.

Sitting in an exam room watching 37 students write a communication exam is great time to think about where we are today, as far as media is concerned, and where we are going. Of course if I could predict the future I would be laughing, but I like to think I have a window onto […]

Learning Reality Boot.

Seth Godin has opened a nice conversation about the role of textbooks and how we market them. As Godin points out, when we think about printed education tools, They’re out of date and don’t match the course. The 2009-2010 edition of the MKTG textbook, which is the hippest I could find, has no entries in […]

Leadership Example and the UAE Philharmonic

A conversation with Mr. Maier the conducter of the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra. We spend a lot of time looking for cues and clues as to what leadership is and how we can develop it. Professor Lynda Moore explained on Nightlinedxb the conundrum. What if whe it comes to understanding leadership, group dynamics, creativity, design and […]

Freecycle.org Simply a Great Idea!

A conversation with Deron Beal of Freecycle.org. Don’t you just love how we all sit around and yammer about what we should do or what we could do? And what do we do? 8 out of 10 times we do NOTHING! But what if you simple idea becomes infectious? What if your simple idea could […]

Design Thinking.

A conversation with Mark Dziersk VP Design Brandimage. Design is the great underdog in today’s business/cultural/social and political environments. For some fraught reason people seem to think that if the idea is good, if you are good, then things will simply come together and workout. NO, this is a dream world that does not exist. […]

Old School Idea made new.

I have been thinking a lot about how it is that some ideas take off and others seems to sink before they have had a chance. Of course the question of why some ideas work and others do not is the fuel for a whole shelf of books on innovation, management and leadership. After reading […]

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