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2009 April : JamesEd.com


A curiosity cabinet ideas.

3 Men and a Greenland Quest!

British UAE-based adventurer Adrian Hayes and Canadian adventurers Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe will be attempting a unique traverse of the full length of Greenland, from the Atlantic Ocean on the south coast to the Arctic Ocean on the north coast between May and July 2009. The Greenland Quest is more than 3 people on […]

Advice from Adrian Hayes

Adrian Hayes is an extraordinary individual! An Adventurer and one of those people who inspires witha smile. Today, more than ever we need to have people around us who inspire us! Advice from Adrian! Do your dreams but don’t make the mistake of looking too far ahead keep it manageable and keep it real.

Locker #2375 Chapter 14

Locker 2375 c14 The Book is Lost! That little package, once it found the frequency of the schools wireless broadcast system took on a life of its own. As the school was erupting in an organized chaos we all seamlessly blended into our classes as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Of […]

Locker #2375 Chapter 13

Locker 2375 c13 Now we are 7. We were up the stairs and out into the open faster than any of the now gang of 7 could have imagined. Nathaniel stopped just beside the gate that led into the pool and raised his finger to his mouth and gestured for us to all be quiet! […]

Back from a Blog Break.

Do you ever just tune out? Stop blogging, stop email (well I did answer 5 messages from my students), hold the tweets, facebook freeze? What do you have to lose is the big question. Maybe continuity. Maybe followers. Maybe nothing. What I find whether I take a 7 day or 7 week break is that […]

Locker 2375 Chapter 12

Locker 2375 c12 The Lost Page… “For months we have been living in detention hoping to discover something, anything, that might help us unlock this riddle and only now, after all this time you find a page missing from the instruction book Sam”, Omar was gently banging his head on the table in disbelief. Brandon […]

26 Minutes With John Kanary on Change and You.

I had the opportunity of speaking to John Kanary on DubaiEye about change and the current economic climate. John brought the whole conversation down to 5 principles! 1. you need to have clarity of purpose 2. believe in you 3. be committed 4. be consistent 5. have courage John Kanary speaking to James Piecowye on […]

Locker 2375 Chapter 11

Locker 2375 c11 Joining the 5 The red light was flashing, like a neon sale sign, above the door of the principal’s office. With a loud clinking sound, the type you hear when a bicycle chain needs oil, and the sucking of air almost like a half full balloon being let go, the door to […]

TED/REMOvision & Richard Saul Wurman

We hear the word convergence BUT what does it really mean? Well this is a must watch interview. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dg1Mj4Kyag[/youtube] Here is what I got from this piece, a great meal for thought! There are other ways of seeing things and that is convergence of Technology Entertainment and Design is everything we do! Convergence is in […]

The Gapingvoid thought of the day!

If you have not had a chance to look at www.gapingvoid.com in a while do go. Hugh as an artist, pr guy, tech guy, writer, machine… has hit the nail of culture right on the head and I suspect others, like myself trapped in the Ivory Tower, need to re-think how we are seeing the […]

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