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2009 March : JamesEd.com


A curiosity cabinet ideas.

Talking TED @ Zayed University

Tuesday, today @ exactly 12:00, I played the end of ONE STEP CLOSER by U2 and started the slide show of the TED images from Long Beech! The stage had a chair and 2 lamps, one red, and a giant screen… I was doing my own version of TED talking about TED. Imagine, I forgot […]

The Cirque du Soleil Model!

Why doesn’t every activity we participate in have the same impact as Cirque du Soleil? Why is it that everything we do does not embody the spirit of Cirque du Soleil? In particular, but not exclusively, I am thinking about how I teach at Zayed University or broadcast at Dubai Eye. Wait a second why […]

Locker 2375 Chapter 10

Locker 2375 c10 Snot-talkie. Seconds before the entire school seemed to explode into a flurry of chaos, Omar stuck something that looked like a shriveled booger into his ear. “Men, catch”, Omar said in an uncharacteristically loud voice. Omar flicked what looked like a booger at Sam and I. When I got the thing in […]

I have failed!

I am a very positive person but today I sat through 6 presentations by students. At least 4 of those students had been through a process where I worked at improving their public speaking. They did speak well. But the students could have been exceptional! I know you can only lead a horse to water… […]

Ownership = Success

The question on every teachers mind has to be how do I package what I teach to get students engaged? Good question and one that seldom, if ever, gets acted upon! Once children leave primary school less and less attention is given to the engagement of the student and more and more is attention is […]

Locker 2375 Chapter 9

Locker 2375 c9 Saved By Gas We had all but finished the last pieces of the day old donut when I began to wonder when we might actually get out of this place, the detention hole. As I looked around the detention room I realized that it really was nothing more than a rough room […]

Locker 2375 Chapter 8

Locker 2375 c8 Hungry Mr. Smith pointed towards me and told Sam to go and find a seat, his assigned seat. “Sam what are you doing in here?” I asked. I should have known Sam would be up to his old tricks and if not beat me to detention join me here before too long. […]

My TEDlike WISH!

Yes I was at TED and since that experience I have not been able to look at anything I do as I once did. EVERYTHING big or small that I do is now about some collective social good. It is all about change now. Betterment. How can what I do have even a second of […]

Locker 2375 Chapter 7

Locker 2375 c7 Page 507and ½ A rule book for detention? Who had ever heard of such a thing? And the facts that the book was over 500 pages long made me scratch my head a couple of times. After the 10th scratch I started to wonder if this book was so old that it […]

Education as entertainment?

Is the problem with education today the simple lack of Entertainment value? Sesame Street has been working well, very well for over 30 year! Why? The marriage of entertainment and education! So why has our formal education not followed suit? That is food for thought!

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