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2009 February : JamesEd.com


A curiosity cabinet ideas.

Education System Re-Design, from within!

Dave Harris has been thinking for a while about how to not only re-conceptualise the education process but how to put that thinking into action! So what do we do? Mr. Dave Harris talking about education re-design. There are no simple answers. But we can be sure that waht we do need to do is […]

The love of Windows!

If you are hoping for a poem about the love of the Microsoft Windows operating system you have come to the wrong place. The windows I am talking about are the real thing! Glass, in a frame, a tool to keep out and let in! I think that windows are the #1 underutilised mass media/communication […]

Radio still rules!

I do a radio talk show, I host it anyway, 4 nights a week in Dubai. What I have learned is that people, all sorts of people, love to think that their ideas matter and that others might be interested in what they have to say. And in Dubai there is an added dimension of […]

The Problem With Education… people@All

I am preparing for another week of classes and giving more thought to how I will teach than what I will teach. After a week and change of the current semester it is clear to me that the teaching exercise is a pretty easy mix of show and tell. Think about the best part of […]

Who teaches the art of telling your story?

I am still stuck on my TED2009 experience. Yesterday I had the pleasure, and I do mean pleasure, of attending a staff meeting that was enjoyable and not a pain. How many staff meetings have you sat through and wished for a root canal? What makes a good meeting? What makes a good presentation? What […]

MORE Thoughts on TED 2009…

I have returned from the TECHNOLOGY ENTERTAINMENT AND DESIGN CONFERENCE held in Long Beach California, February 3-7, inspired, invigorated and enthusiastic about the future. TED is all about ideas that might provoke change in the way we think, act/interact, and go about doing things. If you are unfamiliar with TED you must go and look […]

TED2009 my final TED experience!

At 3:30pm yesterday on the 7th of February I was leaving, trying to make my way to the door of the arena at Long Beach to physically pull away from the TED experience. It is not that I wanted to leave, I didn’t/I don’t, but I must. I must leave because I need to take […]

TED2009 DAY 4—some highlights

TED was full of inspirational moments, ideas, quotes, people and objects. I think TED for me was a hyper environment. Some of the things that have stuck with me from day 4. “We need to think about where we want to land from this economic environment” How true is that? Or as it is saying […]

TED2009 day 4 wrap

I met with some family last night. And the conversation revolved around TED! WHO, WHAT, WHEN ,WHERE,WHY, and how did I get to it. If you follow any of what I have been writing you will know the plot of this story. What I want to talk about is the power of unconditional interest. UNCONDITIONAL […]

TED2009 day3 It is all about consumption.

“TED consumes me and I consume TED”, were words I heard over and over today! I have fallen in love with a process and the process is TED! What I know is that TED is a catalyst just as art is a catalyst. But TED is also art… The point that has hit home for […]

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