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Compliment Savvy?

How well do you take a compliment? I think we spend so much time dealing with grievances that we have forgotten that you can also be complimented and just like we deal with grievances we also need to deal with compliments. Here is one I received last week. I was humbled and appreciative. Given the […]

Re-learn innovative practice?

Professor Joeseph Packard of RIT and Johnson&Johnson joined me for a romp through the field of innovation education. Professor Joeseph Packard talks about innovation education and more. Maybe the issue is simply that we forget how to be innovative and get lulled into the belief that innovation needs to be complicated? Back to that great […]

Media Empowerment or Media Scare?

The United Arab Emirates is set to have a new media law. The Federal National Council has given the legal package two thumbs up, it is now going to cabinet. But is the new law a step forward? Not all of those to be impacted by the legislation are impressed. The director–general of the National […]

Education/tribes at work?

My greatest concern about education has always been that is is disconnected from the reality we live in. What if we could take the essence of education, the essence of Tribes by Seth Godin and the best of Re-Imagine by Tome Peters and mix it all up? Nadeem Suleiman a 15 year old student at […]

The Obama Tribe!

Have you read TRIBES by Seth Godin? It is not the book to go to for a DIY take on industrial change.  And the business school you look to for a grounding is sure to not use this book for more than a door stop. But TRIBES by Godin does one thing very well, remind […]

Rethink your personal economy with a bit of barter!

I think we have once again been failed by education! We have had it drilled into us that cash is king. But is it? If I have a skill and you have a product and my skill is worth your product don’t we have good thing going? We trade and we are both happy, if […]

Books Redeployed.

Sometimes we stumble on ideas in the places we least expect to find them. The OECD is full of bright ideas that often seem to be left hanging. The OECD in its work on sustainable development talks about the idea of books on demand. I do not want to suggest that the bookstore is going […]

Simple ideas go a long way!

I am always amazed at how the easy, simple, right in front of you ideas go unnoticed but also seem to have the longest legs when we run with them! How about this idea when it comes to getting people to know what you are up to! I found this one on my TWITTER feed […]


I really like TWITTER. I have been using TWITTER for a while and find it a great way to send bits of information fast and wide! MY SITE is a place where I tend to post that stuff that is between a blog and that which I might include in a more formal educational format. […]

Inspire by action and a bit of talk.

Last night in hour 2 of Nightline on DubaiEye I crashed and burned when we spoke about the idea of being inspired and maybe even mentored today. Don’t take my word for the massive crash listen if you want to hear the pain, forward to hour 2. But I did mention that one person who […]

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