A curiosity cabinet ideas.

All in the shirts!

Today I found myself in the Executive Office in Dubai meeting the people who help to keep the Emirate of Dubai on the cutting edge. In the waiting room I struck up a conversation with Mr. Julian Miller of MillerExecutive Search. Nothing new about talking to people in a waiting room except that the conversation […]

Got a KNOL?

Google has come up with an alternative to WIKIPEDIA called a KNOL. Have you got one? I have created my own KNOL to give it a try. Is it useful? I am not sure, check out the homepage. From my perspective it creates a great place to publish those conference papers and thought pieces that […]

Are we ready for Radio on TV?

Old media today, Radio, TV, Print and Film are all looking for ways and means to stay in the game of delivering advertisers to customers. There is no doubt in my mind that radio will be alive and well for a long time to come, for the simple reason that it is free, portable and […]

New Media?

It is a shame I could not be at the NEW MEDIA EVENT in Dubai today. http://www.iirme.com/newmedia/ Part of the problem is time, I have to be int he classroom today and part of the problem is cash, it is a bit of a stretch! But what I find surprising a bit surprising is how […]


Web 2.0 is with out a doubt the way ahead for business, education and our social lives, many Web 2.0 applications are called social networking! Business worldwide is knuckling down and CEOs seem to be running for cover. We have a huge opportunity to educate, inform and spread ideas and the physical things that go […]

Auto Bail Out USA.

Here are some of the words we hope come out of the American business machine! INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, ADAPTIVITY, CLARITY,FOCUS, LEADERSHIP, FORWARD, OUT-OF-THE-BOX and THINKING. You know what? I am not sure that any of these words apply to the American Automotive industry. The Washington Post has a nice re-cap of where the auto bail-out plan […]

Professor training?

I wonder. I wonder why it is we send students on internships YET we do not see professors going on yearly internships themselves? It is great that professors write papers BUT what about every professor spending 10 weeks a year in industry? This professor internship could be amazing for the academy and amazing for business. […]

The real problem with Corporate World Today!

You want to know what is bugging me today? At school it is every man for himself. Yet in the work place we are thrust into an environment where in the end we are expected to work as members of a team! What? We train as lone wolves and then get told we are ant […]

The Corporate World Today?

It is all about the conversation and finally the power of what we the consumer say to one another is being recognized! The problem? Too few people at the top realize that if they do not get out and talk to me NOW about what is happening and WHY and what they plan to do […]

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