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Interesting Ad Push!

This idea might fall into the, “isn’t there anything sacred category” but I suspect there is a lot more going on when we talk ads on school exams. Check out the article. Maybe this is a way to pass on social messages or to push on campus activities? In the US it is actually being […]

Learning Idea #23.

I am just tossing this out there. There is a group of Moms, and a token Dad or 2, that have put their lives on hold as their children start  formal education. How are the lives of these parents on hold? There is a pick up and drop off and in the middle a lot […]

Innovation Where?

Zimbabwe the crisis We talk about innovation, leadership, ideas and we then talk some more. But when the chips are down you like me have to admit that we have really failed! YES I am suggesting that we have failed to innovate. Failed to lead. Failed to work as a team. And the reason I […]

Missed Advantage?

I am fortunate to be working with a group who are trying to re-design public policy as it relates to urban planning in Dubai. WOW, it is cool. But the group seems to be very much fixated on getting public opinion via small focus groups. What is the problem? I wonder if the money and […]

It is only money anyway!

Three words that dominate the media today, GLOBAL, FINANCIAL AND CRISIS. Yet when it comes to events and setting the stage to draw attention it is not done much better anywhere than in Dubai! The opening of the ATLANTIS HOTEL was spectacular, so I hear. The cost? Out of this world. The result? Out of […]

Let us mess with technology!

Have you seen this? There is a lot of concern about what kids are doing online! An interesting take on things from DIGITAL YOUTH RESEARCH. The conclusions are sane, compassionate, and compelling: in a nutshell, the “serious” stuff we all hope kids will do online (researching papers and so on) are only possible within a […]

Are we listening?

There are a few people these days who are redefining how we use the media to get a message out. Do you who know who they are? Likely not. AdAge has made it a bit easier by bringing the ideas of a handful of these cool people into one easy to read spot. Perianne Grignon […]

Career Conundrum.

I am a professor in a communication college where I teach PR, journalism and video majors. As a collective body we are teaching these students the skills and I hope the thought process necessary to enter the field of communication. Are we way of track? I don’t mean that the curriculum is poor or that […]

Clever gone wrong?

The power of social networking! I think all too often the clever ad idea is put forward because it has currency in the ad industry. But all too often those clever ads fail to hit the mark with the customer. Case in point! How Twittering Critics Brought Down Motrin Mom Campaign Give the ad a […]

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