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2008 October : JamesEd.com


A curiosity cabinet ideas.

Time to sieze education back…

For too long I have been tossing a lot of cold water on the global education establishment. IB programs do IB but are not IB. Outcome based learning works to outcomes but doesn’t live the outcomes. For four years I have been lucky to be able to go to some very expensive conferences that CEO’s […]

Education as Entertainment.

I am starting to think that the problem I am facing as a teacher is my absolute inability to keep the content and delivery of my classes in tune with the education environment my students are living in! You might say we educate to be educated and HOW we do that, lecture, exam, grade has […]

Marketing to Women.

Ghassaan Kassabji on marketing to Saudi Arabian Women Marketing. Advertising. Women. Over 50% of the worlds population are women, yet when it comes to getting into the heads of women and presenting them ideas in the form of ads it would seem that the marketing industry is like an inflatable boat caught is a huge […]

Who are you?

I was watching an episode of Gray’s Anatomy last night, it was a year old almost to the day (yes I am a year behind on my popular TV program watching), and Gray’s stepsister had a great idea that could actually have a wider application! So what did Gray’s sister do?  She gave Gray a […]

Do more by focusing!

A conversation with TIM FERRISS about taking control of your work life. I listen to students complaining day in day out about the fact that they have too little time to get things done. Given that students, generally speaking, are so awful at managing time, setting priorities and figuring out how best to direct their […]

Power of Radio 2!

NIGHTLINE audio link. Last night I was told I was brave! Not because I did a heroic act, but because I allowed Hans Schreuder, a scientist who thinks there is no CO2 issue when we talk about the environment, to have a voice on Dubai radio. Brave? Seems like what radio is all about to […]

Power of radio?

terrorism-survivor call to NIGHTLINE 103.8 FM DUBAI, UAE. We are being led down a very narrow path that I call the ARTIFICIAL DEPENDENCY. We are being told, over and over, by Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo,HP, Xerox and the bucket full of content and service providers that we need this and that to be whole/complete/active/connected/collaborative members of […]


Maybe we just need to look at what we do from a hotdog stand and not a corner office! TRIBES! Check out Seth Godin and Gapingvoid.… it all makes a lot of sense! Now think about the class that works at school and the class that does not! TRIBES!

Education re-boot UK!

The UK government has taken the bold step of telling the education establishment that it is no longer viable to test the energy, creativity and innovation out of education.  But what are two generations of teachers going to do now? I am worried that they, the teachers have been caught in the teach to test […]

what a professor really wants.

The single most asked question by any student when I give an assignment is what do I want! Students seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time writing, creating, designing to my taste, even I am not sure what that is. So what do I want? Something that is exciting. Something that is WOW. Something […]

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