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Do I need the New Microsoft Surface Pro?

Well, I have to be honest I probably don’t need to go and buy the New Surface Pro. I am using an aging ASUS netbook with touch screen for my recording needs and a 2011 MacBook Pro for everything else. I have an iPad that I never use and my other love, at the moment, […]

Think Like Elon

How do you deal with innovation? How do you deal with issues? Does your thought process work or is it a constant dance with failure? This is an interesting watch.  

Motivation from Marcus Smith

Every week I have the opportunity to sit down with Marcus Smith the man behind the Innerfight.com brand and talk fitness. Today as we were answering questions I realized, as I do most weeks, we are not just talking health and fitness we are talking basic life strategy. As we wound down the show what […]

Microsoft BizSpark very interesting

It is always interesting to learn that huge tech companies are not just trying to sell us software or stuff! I recently learned about Microsoft BizSpark and was amazed, why was this new to me? BizSpark isn’t a secret but sure is new to me. Go and check out the website link above because the site […]

A Look a the SONY M5

I had an opportunity to sit down and review the Sony M5, nice phone. Do I love the M5? Look I am caught in the familiarity trap of my Samsung Note 2, I know how can that be. But I do like the features of the phone and the fact that it is dust and […]

The Bublcam.com, WOW

There are some really cool tech gadgets out there and of course we want them all but how many do we really need? Let me answer the question for you, very few maybe none. So when Jatin Mava of www.digitalnexa.com talk me that he has a new Kickstarter purchase I had to see I must […]

My views of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Well, I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for several years now and I am loving it.  I started using a Note when people still thought that 5 1/2 inches of screen was too much to carry. Not to self talk to IMAX people about complaints the screen allows too much to be […]

Use the tools you have!

Can you do this with the tools available, oh and that you don’t own? This is simply a great story. Monday through Friday, rain or shine,  Harvey would make the trip across the East River at 9 a.m. on the J train from Brooklyn to the Apple Store on the east side of Manhattan Every track on […]

Introducing Burgers2Binary the podcast!

Andrew Thomas and aI have been doing a show on DubaiEye for a bunch of years now, Techtalk is what it is called. Well, for too long we have been talking about a spinoff show of sorts. You see, there are some restrictions when you are doing a commercial radio broadcast, mainly that you need to […]

It all starts with the beat.

Music it is!   This week I finished off with another interesting look at independent music from the middle east and I have to tell you Apo & The Apostles, love these guys. Why not just go and give the Jukebox Radio Show a listen and you will hear what I am talking about, the […]

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