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HR and youth the problem is simple

I have been working with interns in Dubai since 2004. Over this period I have had the opportunity to talk at length to both internship site supervisors and the students who are going out on internships. I say all this to simply make the point that I know a little about what UAE national women […]

Interesting Read and watch.

First the read. The bane of my life is how to take any of the ideas I have and monetize¬†even one. Here is an interesting read about video! So what is the key takeaway? Customer, customer, customer! While the myriad content offerings is a bounty for consumers, who now spend 70 hours each week with […]

Career Search?

This is the time of year High School students are dreaming and University students are also dreaming about career options. Dreaming or imagining what their career might look like upon graduation. I am constantly amazed at how little dreaming students do about their career options and instead look at the tried and true, maybe well-worn, […]

Creativity is in the air!

In 2009 I had the opportunity to attend my 1st TED Conference in Long Beach California, this event was a creativity game changer for me. Sitting and listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talking about creativity I realised that part of the creativity conundrum is simply seeing the elements of creativity around us in plain sight. What […]

September 21 a collection of interesting things.

Each week at about this time, give or take a day or 2, I like to collect some of the things I have been looking at that I think you might also find interesting. I hope as you find that nugget of information you will do me the favour and share also. Here we go. […]

Video Lives

One of my favourite courses is public speaking and I am always interested in looking at how others prepare and work through their ideas when they are under stress. Here is a 1993 clip of President Clinton. Lots going on and then, bam, he has his game face on! 2 lessons here. practice is important […]

Creating a culture of engagement

Have you ever heard of GEL? I have followed Mark Hurst and GEL for many years now and still have not managed to make it to the event, but I do want to attend. This year there was, again, a great group of speakers and one that has really caught my attention is Lou Shapiro, […]

The Search For a Good Shave.

For as long as I can remember ¬†I have always been a disposable razor guy. No surprise the disposable razor industry is huge, $3.6 billion a year in the USA alone. Globally the value of the disposable razor industry is a staggering $34 billion dollars! Less than a year ago I took the bold step […]

Do you know your Mother?

So, how well do you know your mother? Could you write a book about your mother? What would the soundtrack of your mother’s life be? And who would read a book about your mother? Lots of questions and Billie Elias has the answers as she talks to me about writing a book about her own […]

It all starts with the beat.

Music it is!   This week I finished off with another interesting look at independent music from the middle east and I have to tell you Apo & The Apostles, love these guys. Why not just go and give the Jukebox Radio Show a listen and you will hear what I am talking about, the […]

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