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Alan Alda talks public speaking

There are endless hours of great content on CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio. And I have to say q is better than ever. Well, I happened on this absolutely fantastic interview with Alan Alda about public speaking. And Tom Power really has a knack for the interview. I love the part where Tom Power […]

Think Like Elon

How do you deal with innovation? How do you deal with issues? Does your thought process work or is it a constant dance with failure? This is an interesting watch.  

A great video!

Have you seen this story about a family business? I would love to see more of these and see them being done by my students about the UAE!  

Masterclass in Public Speaking

I teach public speaking and there are really only a few resources I would recommend to anyone. the collective work of Garr Reynolds and specifically Presentation Zen the collective work of Nancy Durate and specifically Slideology A series of TEDtalks and one of the latest I love is from TED2016 This is simply a great […]

The Fitness Journey Begins, Week 1

For 3 years I have been doing a weekly radio show called GETFITRADIO with Marcus Smith the creator of www.innerfight.com.   If you have listened to the GetFitRadio show you will know that we talk about all aspects of fitness and personal wellbeing and everything in between. ¬†One of the common themes running through the […]

The Middle East Indie Jukebox

Where do you go to listen to what I would like to suggest is the best music in the Middle East? If you can’t make it to clubs or open mic nights there is not a lot of opportunity to hear the new up and coming artists and especially not the artists in the Middle […]

Things I read, saw and wondered about for September 12

Every week at about this time I like to take a moment and share some of the things that have passed across my virtual desk. If you are like me there are some pretty cool things being forward to you and if you are like me you are always looking for an opportunity to share. […]

Thoughts for September 6

I am sure you are a lot like me and get all sorts of email that shares many interesting nuggets of information. And once you get that email, file it and tag it what do you do with it? Here is a collection of those emails that I have filed and tagged. ad blocking, the […]

Next week a new start!

New things are coming to JamesEd, well a new way of presenting ideas. What I will be starting next week is a bargain rack of ideas, thoughts, cool and drool. Every Sunday I will post a collection of links and such that I found interesting throughout the week. I hope you enjoy the revitalised JamesEd […]

Engage Why?

It is always interesting to ask what makes a person engage with a brand. I am working with customer engagement 6 hours a week on DubaiEye 103.8 FM’s Nightline program. I like to think I succeed with customer engagement, but that could also be open to debate. In the case of radio engagement is often […]

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