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Give yourself permission

This week I had the pleasure of organising and hosting the 34th CreativeMornings event in Dubai. John Bucher was in the house talking Curiosity. What I loved about this month’s talk was the fact that John was giving us permission, permission to be curios. John made it easy to put yourself into his shoes, to […]

CreativeMornings Theme Pioneer

Well, today was the 30th CreativeMornings event in Dubai and the 3rd Birthday of CreativeMornings in Dubai! What a day. This month we had a fantastic speaker, as usual, who had a fantastic story and activation. Déborah Madelaine: a pioneer’s lessons in applied creativity Below is the Facebook Live recording, enjoy.  

On Creativity

Creativity is an odd thing. I seem to have been on this odd quest of a sort since 2009 running into bits and pieces of how people manage, wrestle and tame their own creative energy long enough to grab the idea and put it into a form that others can understand. It is absolutely interesting […]

CreativeMornings Dubai, Compassion and the Ramadan Sharing Fridge Initative

If you are not aware of www.creativemornings.com you really should find your way to the site and poke around. I am part of the team here in Dubai that has managed to put on 29 breakfast events in the last 3 years. The link to our Dubai event can be found here . Well the last […]

The ME Indie Jukebox

As you may or may not know I am the host of a radio show in Dubai that manages to feature indie recording artists every Wednesday. This week it was my pleasure to have Big-Hass the Hip Hop blogger join me on the show. Hass is very enthusiastic and seems to have an endless amount […]

CreativeMornings Dubai August and Genius

Another great CreativeMornings in Dubai and this month we were joined by Mr. Lorne Riely and the conversation was about genius. The video is rough, fast forward in to get to the talk. If you have never been to a CreativeMornings it is time!  

My Canada

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked what is it that set Canada as a country apart from others. To me, this video says it all.

Tell a story

There are so many ways to tell a story today. With the boom of affordable mobile technology, a mobile phone, and internet or data you can create and disseminate so much so fast. Sometimes it is nice to be a little more patient and construct something that brings together images, words and sound. The NFB […]

Taking it as it is

There is something about a beach. Troubles, worry, stress all seem to fall away. And why not? The question is why do we worry about those things we can’t change in the 1st place? Just saying. Maybe the beach is a place for emotional rescue?

The art of bbq

We spend a lot of time trying to be good at many things and we end up being masters of nothing. BBQ is a very special skill, many do it few well. So, when I see a person doing something they are really good at and they are doing just that thing it makes me […]

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