A curiosity cabinet ideas.

Taking it as it is

There is something about a beach. Troubles, worry, stress all seem to fall away. And why not? The question is why do we worry about those things we can’t change in the 1st place? Just saying. Maybe the beach is a place for emotional rescue?

The art of bbq

We spend a lot of time trying to be good at many things and we end up being masters of nothing. BBQ is a very special skill, many do it few well. So, when I see a person doing something they are really good at and they are doing just that thing it makes me […]

Inspiration through conversation.

I had the opportunity to talk to Noush Like Sploosh several weeks back and her words are still echoing in my mind. I speak to many artists through what I do on DubaiEye and they are all very interesting but Noush had something more going on. What I came away from our conversation was a new level of […]

My Jeep Story, the video!

OK this is cool. I was asked if I would be interested in telling “My Jeep Story” on camera! Of course I was up for a video of me and my jeep. Here is what was published, I love it!  

Another look at innovation 

Cloths are a super place to think innovation and who doesn’t have a sewing machine kicking around. Do you know how to use a sewing machine?  I think we all need to get familiar with the basics, cooking, sewing, cleaning, making and gardening!  All that being said I love the idea of this senseless clothing! […]

RIIND’s Machined Aluminum The Pen we need. 

This is cool and something I think we all need to keep in mind. Innovation doesn’t mean technology or have to mean new. Innovation can also be looking at things we use daily and making it just a little better. So, look around and innovate. http://www.coolhunting.com/design/riind-the-pen?utm_source=sendicate&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2016-07-14+Inspiration+for+14+July+2016


Here it is 2016 and like so many other years it is a great time to think about doing a few things. Or maybe you just need a mindless break from the noise? Here are a few links that I looked at this week. Maybe a novella is in the cards? 30, 000 words of […]

Need some cool?

So, we are always looking for a cool thing or 2 and this post is full of cool things that I want to share. First up is some Christmas music.  I typically have 3 cds on repeat in the house. a. Time-Like Cristmas b. Tony Bennett Christmas c. Harry Belafonte Christmas Here is a nice […]

Great Driving Tunes!

By day I am a professor and by night radio talk show host, yes I have the life, in your dreams maybe. There is something cool about getting to create professional radio content. Every week we do our Middle East Indie Music Show with the team at Triplew.ME and this week it was a totally self […]

Fitness Journey Week 5

5 weeks into a sustained fitness program and I have to admit I need to be in the gym more. This week started out great and then my partner got sick and given I am the ride for the sick partner we had to bail out on the end of the week workout. After a […]

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