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A great video!

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Have you seen this story about a family business?

I would love to see more of these and see them being done by my students about the UAE!


Keeping people in their jobs!

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The big elephant in the corner of many establishments is employee retention.

Some employers get the matrix necessary to keep people happy, many don’t.

Yes there is a financial element to keeping employees happy BUT there is also a little of the good old appreciation.

Too often today employers are using bullying and a fragile employment environment to keep employees scared for their jobs.

But even in a tight job market people will walk if they are not getting paid well and don’t feel appreciated.

Some organisations are getting very creative!

Here is the conversation we had on Nightline.

What is your company doing to keep its employees?

Do we need homework in school?

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Homework, do we really need it?

Homework has won the hearts of lion parents and teachers and brought students to their knees.

So, do we really need extra learning, delivered through homework?

I wonder if homework isn’t simply a tool to get us comfortable with taking work home so when we are in a career we won’t think twice about working through the weekend?

I sat down with 2 students on Nightline in Dubai and we worked our way through the homework debate.

The Podcast Link


Some sources to think about.





Music of the week club.

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Every week I produce and present 6 hours of radio on DubaiEye and there is never a dull moment.

The ME Indie Jukebox Show with TriplewME is an hour of infotainment and simply great music.

This week we record-setting artists and world radio premiers AGAIN!

The playlist.

Alaa Wardi_Evolution of Arabic Music

Interbellum – Brian Wilson

Interbellum – Double Back.mp3

Massar Egbari – Aw2at

Teleferik – Bombs and Rockets


The Podcast Link

Have something to say?



Thoughts on Fonts

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I may never think of fonts the same way again!

Need some motivation?

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There is no shortage of events and videos to get motivation from these days.

So where do you go for motivation?

I love TEDTalks and CreativeMornings talks are also a fantastic place to find inspiring motivational talks.

But, there is always a but, what I am starting to find is motivational and educational talks are becoming more and more distant from me and my community and in becoming so are little more than noise and clutter.

Of course local talks are the exception such as the ones we are part of at CreativeMornings Dubai and the local TEDx events.

The problem with the plethora of global motivational content today is that there is too much and it, more than ever, has no connection to me and my community.

I love motivational talks but I also want to be able to meet those speakers, run into them at the supermarket, drop them an email, have a chat, maybe get to know them or see them speak in the flesh.

Well, last week I had the opportunity to hear Marcus Smith of Innerfight Gym talk about his lessons from the desert.

Marcus and I have been doing a fitness show on www.dubaieye1038.com/nightline for many years but we never talk about what he has learned and how to apply the lessons to everyday life. Marcus is starting to do talks about his experiences, www.innerfight.com,  and we did a hybrid talk on my radio show.

I was blown away!

You want to listen to this talk by Marcus it will give you a lot of food for thought.

Link to the Talk.


Ok, you have given the talk a listen, what do you think?

Back after a month!

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Funny thing blogging, you know you have things to say but the how and when can be eluding.

Sorry for being absent.

I want to point you to 2 of the shows I did this week on Nightline.

The 1st show was our conversation about giving more fines to distracted drivers for doing even more distracting things.

Like what? Shaving, eating, the regular stuff.


What will be interesting is how many industries modify what they do because they promote distraction.

The drive thru coffee place is a distraction, food, what about smoking?

And then there are then kids fighting in the back what about them?

The idea is great more fines for more distractions, but can we make it work?


The second show I want to draw your attention to is the music of the week club, or the ME Indie Music Jukebox show.



Just great tunes!

Davinci Park 06 Go Slo
Davinci Park08 Brother I’ve Known
Houdou’on (Calm)
Fari Bradley – Stereo Mountains
Aniruddh Menon – One Rupee Jelly
Leone Murphy

Fari Bradley pulled together the electro playlist and it was very eclectic as you might expect.

These were 2 of the shows I most enjoyed this week.



Career Decisions and as a bonus role of radio in education

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This is the time of year when students around the world are in the midst of considering what their future path may look like.

University? College? Trade School? Gap Year?

What to do, what to dojob callinAs an educator and parent I can tell you with certainty that there are no easy answers.

I can also tell you there is no crystal ball or best path to follow given we all have our own collective experience that informs our choices.

Having said all that there is no question in my mind that listening to the experiences of other can help to reduce the choice complexity for future career path considerations.

On Nightline we had the opportunity to speak about career choices and what you might do differently if you had the knowledge you have now 20 years ago.

Here is the link to the conversation.

The bonus of this conversation were the 2 callers who got involved who said that they were learning English by listening to talk radio and specifically DubaiEye.

The take home from the career conversation was you have to be realistic but you also have to go with your heart and do what you love.

Thoughts on Retirement?

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When are you ready to retire? Will you ever be ready to retire?

We opened the phone lines and asked Dubai what their thoughts were on retirement and whether they would be ready someday?


The Podcast Link.

Masterclass in Public Speaking

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I teach public speaking and there are really only a few resources I would recommend to anyone.

  1. the collective work of Garr Reynolds and specifically Presentation Zen
  2. the collective work of Nancy Durate and specifically Slideology
  3. A series of TEDtalks and one of the latest I love is from TED2016

This is simply a great talk that embodies what I would expect from a great story.

If I had one suggestion it would be to dial back the had movement, but that is being picky.

What do you think?

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