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Another look at innovation 

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Cloths are a super place to think innovation and who doesn’t have a sewing machine kicking around.

Do you know how to use a sewing machine? 

I think we all need to get familiar with the basics, cooking, sewing, cleaning, making and gardening! 

All that being said I love the idea of this senseless clothing! (see the link below) 

Innovate today and that may be just looking at what is around you and tweaking.

RIIND’s Machined Aluminum The Pen we need. 

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This is cool and something I think we all need to keep in mind.

Innovation doesn’t mean technology or have to mean new.

Innovation can also be looking at things we use daily and making it just a little better.

So, look around and innovate.


Interesting Read and watch.

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First the read.

The bane of my life is how to take any of the ideas I have and monetize even one.

Here is an interesting read about video!

So what is the key takeaway?

Customer, customer, customer!

While the myriad content offerings is a bounty for consumers, who now spend 70 hours each week with media, content providers are increasingly challenged to break through and make sure their offerings are front and center. Despite the commotion in the space, however, many of the industry’s best-known content providers agree on one thing: The consumer needs to be the primary consideration.

A great example of this customer centered approach in action on another medium!


Check it out!

The #Followmeto Instagram project, with Murad capturing similarly styled photos of his now wife in exotic and breathtaking locations around the world since the pair loves to travel. Five years after uploading the first photo, Murad counts 4.3 million Instagram followers while Nataly Osmann’s account has another 1 million. And users inspired by the project have uploaded more than 337,000 photos on Instagram with the #Followmeto hashtag.

And sometimes it is all about sending a message to the audience!


What a great piece.

And finally this, VR.

Viewers of Post Fruity Pebbles’ virtual reality content will be sprayed with water guns and pummeled by dodgeballs in an immersive 30-second pre-roll spot beginning next week as part of the brand’s lighthearted “Yabba Dabba Doo” campaign. The ad, which takes the viewer through a series of colorful, vibrant activities like painting a mural and jamming with a garage band, marks Post’s first foray into the world of VR marketing and will run on multi-platform apps VirtualSky and StartApp.


Career Search?

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This is the time of year High School students are dreaming and University students are also dreaming about career options.

Dreaming or imagining what their career might look like upon graduation.

I am constantly amazed at how little dreaming students do about their career options and instead look at the tried and true, maybe well-worn, path to employment and a career.

Truth be told I have not ventured very far off the path myself and this is a true regret given the opportunity that is staring me int he face and thus looking the latest batch of grads in the face.

A good place to get  a look at career options is CreativeMornings, I know I host an event but this is not me tooting my own horn.

Check out this woman, amazing stuff and jam packed with ideas!

So, if you could jump to a new career what might that career be?


Little Things

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Like most people I also get caught up in the rat race and it is so easy to lose perspective.

2016-07-02 18.59.40-1

After 16 years in the UAE, and counting, the need to recharge on a frequent basis is more important than ever.

The reality of today’s global work environment is we are all being asked to do more with less and to work, literally, at 120% of our capability as the norm.

Standing in a farmers field, I realised that when you take a long moment to breath, look, observe, contemplate and then act your actions and reflections are far more meaningful and purposeful.

I am just days into a recharge but already I am beginning to understand, more than ever, how important it is to slow down and breath.

Just a little fun!

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This is the way we roll!

I often think I should record 2 radio shows, the on air and the off air!


The Music of the week club

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If you have been hanging around this site for a while you know that the music of the week club, also known as the ME Indie Music Jukebox on DubaiEye is one of my favourite hours of radio.

As usual, the crew from @triplewme joins me to spin what is easily the best collection of indie recordings from indie artists, on the planet!

Click here to download part 3 of the best of indie music from the Middle East so far this year.



Here is the playlist!


Adonis – Eza Shi Nhar [Official Video]  ?????? – ??? ?? ???? 4:46

Blu Fiefer – Jukebox 4:36

Da Vinci Park_Brother I’ve Known 3:12

Massar Egbari_Cherophobia 3:30

Mo Zowayed_Hibiscus 3:07

Sail Into Night_Parade 3:08

Vandalye_8th Reign 3:53


Click to load Part 1.

Click to load Part 2.

So, you be the judge is this great music or what?

Sharing Fridges in Dubai!

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This is simply very cool.

What if you the right circumstances and people came together to do something amazing and there was no central organization?

No boss, no audits, no money, no salary just great intention and great delivery?

That is what the has happened with the Ramadan Sharing Fridge project in the UAE!

This is a conversation from Nightline on DubaiEye.

Here is how easy it is to do! And these 2 women are helping to push this idea forward in a big way, they give a lot of their time to spread the word and the food!

It is this easy!


Does the Sharing fridge project make a difference?

This is the Indie Music of the week club!

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As you may or may not know I spend an hour each week talking about and playing indie music from the Middle East with Paul and Adam from www.triplew.me.

I call this the music of the week club.

This is part 2 of the best tunes of the year so far!

Last week’s tunes.


Edd Abbas_HipHop (Prod Ameen Al)



Verdad – Beauty Under Hills (BUH) copy

WakeIsland_Never Entirely There

WKBL_Born Addicted




This week’s tunes.

Interbellum – Brian Wilson

Edd Abbas_HipHop (Prod Ameen Al)

Serge Yared_Holy Toothbrush

Amal Murkus_A Womans Voice

El Far3i – Tghayarti

Takh – Sekeena

WeSpeakInColors_Hey Kezia

Rough Call-in Show!

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Doing a call-in show at 9pm during Ramadan in always a challenge.

I thought it would be interesting, I thought wrong, to ask what people thought about making Ramadan hours the regular working hours?

In my experience people, even those who are fasting are more focused and getting a 8 to 12 hours of work done in as little as 5 hours.


Maybe the 6 hour work day would work.

I also thought if you want to give people a better lifestyle and maybe even more happiness why not give them time on the provision that they get the work done.

If everyone is on the same working schedule it should work out perfectly.

Well, the long and short of all the above is the show was pretty light on calls and text messages so I had to cover the gap, I worked hard on this show.

The Podcast link.



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