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Get Obsessed!

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All too often we spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we do well and ignore those things we are obsessed about.

But it is our obsessions that point in the direction of those things that we may do well and it is those things that can point to our career options.

I am not suggesting you need to work at your obsession to make it a career choice but you are more than half way there.

Watch this and you will hear exactly what I am talking about.

Sometimes you just have to do what you think is right!

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I love the look of this video and I love the message!


The Brazilian Musician That Makes the NYC Subway Commute a Little Bit Better

Mar 27, 2014 | 21-part series
Paul Rosenfeld

Zooga Malaga explains the ups and downs of leaving his home country to make a new life in New York City. The film features Malaga’s soothing melodies over beautiful images in the big city.

Watch director Leandro Badalotti’s previous film about photojournalist Kate Brooks here.

The Jukebox

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Just in case you missed it here is the link to your weekly dose of Indie Music from the Middle East.

And there is a lot more at www.triplew.me.

This week it was all about Museland Records in Bahrain and the festival coming up.

I think this is easily the best bit of radio in the Middle East and that is not because I am part of it, ok maybe a bit.

Here is the podcast and yes we are in iTunes!

Another Story.

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Ads are all about telling a story.

Ads are about connection.

A great ad allows you to fill in the blanks in a way that you can imagine you in the frame of reference.

Here is an ad that really has a great message and is worth sharing.

I think we often forget that what we do and who we are is incredible.

Telling that story.

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The thing I am faced with on a daily basis is how to guide my students through the storytelling process AND getting them to understand that one story may very well be presented to a variety of audiences via a variety of mediums.

I think multi-medium presentation is what it is all about!

If only I could get my students to listen to NowThisNews editor-in-chief Ed O’Keefe  and realise that it is not just me talking about the multiplicity of delivery but the industry!

Look Differently.

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I spend a lot of time talking to my students about seeing things around them from another perspective.

Or seeing space differently and asking how can we use this space as a communication medium.

I stumbled upon this piece of artistic expression, in one of my regular newsletter reads, and instantly said, ok these people have something to teach.

Short and Sweet.

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I am teaching a very cool class blandly named COM315 Media Writing 2.

What this class is doing is telling information stories online, via audio and with an old school notice board.

There are 3 groups that will rotate through the 3 assignments.

BUT each student has to produce 2 stories, there are 15 students, and all the stories can be used and re-used across the assignments.

We will do this 3 times with 30 or more new stories each time.

One of the things I am trying to hit home is that mobile media is a viable tool, so all audio is recorded on a mobile phone and edited using Audacity.

Images are taken with mobile phones and Instagram is our friend.

What is important is the quality of the content.

But quality doesn’t always mean long, although I love long form stories!

Here is a great example for my students to look at, 60 second news Mehdi’s Minute.

Checkout this 90 second basic offering, it is this easy!

We will see what my students can do!




Just fun.

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Sometimes it all comes down to fun and clever to tell a story.

This is an example of both.

A clever new ad promoting the 2014 Canadian Film Fest, which opens at Toronto’s Royal Cinema this Thursday, spotlights this dilemma as Canadian actor Antoine Zombé tries to break into the movie business.

What I love about Canada is that Canadians will poke fun at themselves to get a point across!

Rock On.

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I like to tell my students that there is a lot of potential content to write about, film and record right in front of them.

Sometimes the people we meet open up a door of interest.

Here is a great example from Nightline my radio show.

This is the best show I do, the JukeBox, a show that shines a light on independent recording artists in the Middle East.

Tell me what you think, share and pass it on!

Here are the names of the bands, their twitter and facebook names.

Lazy Lung

-Dirty Word


Go Save The Hostages

-I have Wondered


Fables of Cantt



Julianna Down

-Love Tomorrow








T: @LazzyLung

F: /LazzyLung


T: @NaserMestarihi

F: /NaserMestarihi


T: @julianadown?

F: /julianadown


T: @FablesofCantt?

F: /fablesofcantt?


F: /GoSaveTheHostages

@savethehostages on Twitter.


T: @Hirabeat

F: /Hirabeat? ?


Don’t Judge.

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This is one of the most incredible things I have seen in a long time and it plays right into the body image debate with a water cannon!

Betabrand, an online retailer of crowdsourced clothing, just launched its spring line, and the company decided to take a different approach to marketing the new looks: Each of the models would have a Ph.D.

Here is the link to the article that tells how it all happened.

Cool idea that I am sure people throw water on but it is a neat idea and it got my attention.

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