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The Fitness Journey Begins, Week 1

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2015-10-01 10.49.16

For 3 years I have been doing a weekly radio show called GETFITRADIO with Marcus Smith the creator of www.innerfight.com.


If you have listened to the GetFitRadio show you will know that we talk about all aspects of fitness and personal wellbeing and everything in between.  One of the common themes running through the show has been why I have not come out to Innerfight and tried a workout.

Well, on last week’s show Marcus spoke about parent’s working out with their children and the positive effect this can have on mental and physical fitness. Well after that conversation I thought maybe I need to come to the gym and join my son and we can workout together.

2015-10-01 10.48.39

I did it, joined my son at the gym, joined a workout and got shattered.

I don’t have any lofty goals at the gym I want to get into better shape.

I want to increase my upper body strength and maybe be able to crank out a dozen pull-ups on demand if need be.

I thought it would be interesting to document my weekly gym experience and that is what I am going to do here.


I will be honest my 1st class was a killer.

We started off with bench presses of 15kg from 9 to 1 and in between each rep we did 10 weighted sit-ups.

My arms felt like jello and my abs were burning, but it did feel good in an odd way.  Marcus hit the nail on the head it was great to workout with my son and it was even better to have him pushing me, maybe a bit too hard actually.

Then we moved into the bike, the ski machine the rowing machine and skipping all 5 sets with 20 seconds between the activity.

By the time I got to the skipping my arms were burning and I was trying to will the time to pass faster. I just couldn’t seem to get the skipping rope to rotate as it was suppose to.

What a workout.

In the end I was sitting beside some stairs, drinking water, sweating and wondering if I was going to be sick.

Thant was week 1!



The Middle East Indie Jukebox

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Where do you go to listen to what I would like to suggest is the best music in the Middle East?

If you can’t make it to clubs or open mic nights there is not a lot of opportunity to hear the new up and coming artists and especially not the artists in the Middle East.

Well fear not www.triplew.me is a one stop show for indie music, video and photos all from the region!

And what is even better is the I get an opportunity to sit down with the Triplew.me crew and power through a playlist of great artists on a weekly basis, yes I am very lucky.

And even better I want to share with you!

This week was a very nice mix.

KhebezDawle plays KhebezDawle

Gurumiran and friends in the Empty Corner for an unplugged set and an interview

Ruba Shamshoum plays Madeleine

Saffron Collins plays Winters Come 

Murder Dance Machine plays StayWith Me At Home 

Bull Funk Zoo & Malikah, Paco NabadKelLebnene

Here are the tunes!


The Bublcam.com, WOW

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There are some really cool tech gadgets out there and of course we want them all but how many do we really need?

Let me answer the question for you, very few maybe none.

So when Jatin Mava of www.digitalnexa.com talk me that he has a new Kickstarter purchase I had to see I must admit I was pretty sure he had something that I could not possibly need, I was wrong.

Bubl is a truly amazing little camera that I feel is a game changer because of its versatility.

Take a look at this image and scroll in all directions!

And look at the video possibilities!

Bublcam.com is where you can go and poke around to learn a bit more.

What is it in a nutshell?


  • VR PAN

An innovative camera capable of capturing 100% of the spherical range in photo and video (bubls), without any blind spots. The Bublcam is an end to end technology solution allowing you to capture, view and share bubls through its hardware, web and mobile apps. It also includes features for HDR and time lapse photos.

THIS IS A WOW product!

A podcast conversation with Jatin Mava of DigitalNexa.com, he owns one!


My views of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Well, I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for several years now and I am loving it.  I started using a Note when people still thought that 5 1/2 inches of screen was too much to carry.

Not to self talk to IMAX people about complaints the screen allows too much to be seen easily!

Well, I loved the Note 5.

Am I going to dump the Note 2, not likely, because it is still working and satisfying my needs.

But I did like, sorry love, the Note 5.

Here are some of my thoughts on this phone.

  1. This is not a toy and you are not paying toy prices du 2799dhs
  2. If I had to describe this phone in one word “Sweet”
  3. The Note5 is elegant in its form factor with a beautiful polished case. As I unboxed the phone I couldn’t help but say that it shared a lot of the look and feel of an iPhone. Does the Note5 want to look like an iPhone, why not!
  4. Surprisingly the Note 5 is chunkier than my Note2 but it has a presence that is elegant, nice lines, where as the Note2 is very plastic chic.
  5. This is the aspect of the Note that I think is under sold! The SPen is the Note5 feature that is still the game changer. Now  the Spen is spring loaded and there is an audio and vibration cue when it is activated.
  6. This is an Android product running the latest operating system and I do have major envy, of 5.1.1
  7. I love the little things like the way the screen goes to black when you power down, moving to black from left to right!
  8. The screen image is absolutely crystal clear!
  9. Wireless charging! 2 hours to full charge
  10. 5.7 inch screen
  11. Video stabalizer
  12. Livestream capability to Youtube
  13. 4K UHD video!

So is there a downside?

There are complaints by some and I was with the crowd for a moment until I realised that the complaint was silly.

Unlike my Note2 the Note5 is missing 2 things.


  • No microSD card slot
  • No removable battery


The question you have to ask is how much local storage do you really need?

We are loading our lives to the cloud so I am not sure that a  32GB and 64GB configuration isn’t more than adequate.

The battery life was fine it seems to last a good day on the battery, others who tested the phone found the same.

But this is a big issue that I am wondering about. The Note5 is NOT WATERPROOF!

The Verdict.

This is a sweet phone that I would buy without question if I was in the market for a new phone!

Listen to the podcast review with Jatin Mava of Digitalnexa.com


JadoPado a Conversation with Omar Kassim

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If you have been living in Dubai for a while there is no doubt in my mind that when it comes to getting your hands on the latest and greatest technology you have taken a look at www.jadopado.com.

But, as with all good things change is inevitable and JadoPado has changed or swivelled as Omar would like to say.

I had an opportunity to sit down with Omar and dig into what is going on at JadoPado and I think you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Here is our conversation.

September 21 a collection of interesting things.

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Each week at about this time, give or take a day or 2, I like to collect some of the things I have been looking at that I think you might also find interesting.

I hope as you find that nugget of information you will do me the favour and share also.

Here we go.


www.creativemornings.com is a easily the best way to start your day once a month. The idea is 7 years old and there are over 107 Chapters world-wide that meet monthly and have a breakfast lecture structured around a common theme.


Think of this as a TEDx that is an hour long with a single speaker and a free breakfast, the best of all worlds really.

I am particularly proud to be part of the organising team with @CM_Dubai.


October 22 is the next event, check out the videos and prepare to join us at 8am for SHOCK.


The ME Indie Jukebox is back with Triplew.me and you not only want to listen to the cool indie tunes from across the middle east but you want to share.


Back to @CreativeMornings for a moment.

Everyone needs a manifesto I have believed this for a very long time and last week @CreativeMornings published theirs.

Everyone is creative.


A creative life requires bravery and action, honesty and

hard work. We are here to support you, celebrate with

you, and encourage you to make the things you love.


We believe in the power of community. We believe in giving

a damn. We believe in face-to-face connections, in

learning from others, in hugs and high-fives.


We bring together people who are driven by passion and

purpose, confident that they will inspire one another, and

inspire change in neighborhoods and cities around the



Everyone is welcome.



I am starting to think that Vooza may actually be an educational tool and not a comedy vehicle.

OK maybe a bit of comedy and education but more education.



Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon doing impressions is pretty good.

OK there is more to come but I wanted to get you started with a few things to ponder and think about.






Things I read, saw and wondered about for September 12

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Every week at about this time I like to take a moment and share some of the things that have passed across my virtual desk.

If you are like me there are some pretty cool things being forward to you and if you are like me you are always looking for an opportunity to share.

The 1st is a tune.

This week, if all goes well, the ME JukeBox will be back on DubaiEye with the good folks from www.triplew.me.

The JukeBox is the only show, that I know of, where you can hear an hour of independent recording artists on radio.

Well, it is only our 1st show of the season but I have found a song that could be the defining song of the season!

The song is called The Cold and it is by Ramly.

Here is a studio version of The Cold.


Ikea and the Apple Pencil.

This is just such an obvious reaction to the hype and description of why you want the Apple Pencil.

August 24, 1 billion people used Facebook in 1 day!

So the burning question has to be what were people talking about?

Here is a great article.

Here is the infographic of the day.


The Golden Girls!

This was simply a fantastic show and the fact it was aired 30 years ago made me think I am older than I feel.

This is a must read article.


Has Apple lost its edge?

This is an interesting read from FastCompany.

There is no question Apple has a knack for making us want products we don’t really need, they sell cool better than anyone.

But, are we seeing the Apple only kid on the block inventions like we did in the past?

I am sitting here and wondering.

I am wondering is the Apple cool still worth what I have to pay for it?


30 second ad in campaigns are now possible this is a big deal.

What this also tells me is we, the teachers, need to be demonstrating and leading the online community by showing our students how to use the online world to promote using video and other tools.

From where I am sitting we are devoting all out time to traditional video making and not looking at the other distribution outlets.

And this is a shameless plug!

CreativeMornings is back in Dubai this week and we are talking Empathy with 2 speakers.

Rania is talking Empathy and cancer survivors and Mohammad is talking Empathy as a business with his experience at Just-Wills.

2 great speakers and one super hour!

Join us Thursday.


I hope you have a good week and share your thoughts and ideas if you have a chance!

Video Lives

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One of my favourite courses is public speaking and I am always interested in looking at how others prepare and work through their ideas when they are under stress.

Here is a 1993 clip of President Clinton.

Lots going on and then, bam, he has his game face on!

2 lessons here.

  1. practice is important so the delivery is honed
  2. if you tape things those recordings will come back

I found this piece at the link below.


Thoughts for September 6

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I am sure you are a lot like me and get all sorts of email that shares many interesting nuggets of information.

And once you get that email, file it and tag it what do you do with it?

Here is a collection of those emails that I have filed and tagged.

ad blocking, the lost revenue is crazy

A report last month from Adobe and PageFair, an Irish start-up that monitors ad blocking, projected that the software would lead to nearly $22 billion in lost revenue for advertisers this year. Roughly 200 million people globally now use ad-blocking software; global usage increased 41 percent in the last year. 



Facebook rules


Messenger is second only to Facebook’s flagship app, and is followed by popular apps like YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google Maps. Below are the top 10 most downloaded apps, as per App Annie:

  1. Facebook
  2. Messenger
  3. YouTube
  4. Instagram
  5. Skype
  6. WhatsApp
  7. Find My iPhone
  8. Google Maps
  9. Twitter
  10. iTunes U

But what becomes even more interesting is the top 10 apps when rated by revenue.

The most popular apps in terms of revenue, however, are far more varied, and the only overlap between the two lists is Skype:

  1. Pandora
  2. LINE
  3. Zoosk
  4. Pages
  5. Spotify
  6. Badoo
  7. Skype
  8. MLB.com At Bat
  9. Grindr

Future of Video



3D Printing of Glass


It’s already possible to use tiny granules of glass in a powder bed with conventional 3-D printing techniques like jetting and sintering, but the products turn out opaque. Now researchers at MIT have demonstrated the first-ever machine that can print molten glass through a nozzle and make transparent glass objects layer by layer according to digital instructions.

 Google Think


Here it is 5 great lessons from working at Google.


Great Story

Don’t Fuck Up the Culture


The Story of Tower Records

Next week a new start!

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New things are coming to JamesEd, well a new way of presenting ideas.

IMG_1536What I will be starting next week is a bargain rack of ideas, thoughts, cool and drool.

Every Sunday I will post a collection of links and such that I found interesting throughout the week.

I hope you enjoy the revitalised JamesEd starting Sunday!

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