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A week in review.

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Every week I am responsible for 6 hours of content on DubaiEye 103.8 FM.

Here are the podcasts.

From cars to very cool music this is my week in review.

If you want to grab all the show notes check out the show blog.






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The Indie JukeBox

Creatives This a MUST Read.

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Nils Leonard is the chief creative officer of Grey London and I found this great piece in ADWEEK.

Read and pass on!

The perfect modern creative is a woman.
Because we have enough men, and men like it the way it is right now.


She will seek change.
And her finest qualities will be frustration and discontent.


The perfect creative presumes that the people around her are talented and want to contribute. And accepts that without meaning to, the company, the process and even she is stifling the work and its ability to be brilliant in some way.


She won’t have come from a school that teaches advertising, and she certainly won’t understand why we structure companies like we do.


When producing a piece of work, she won’t ask herself, “Who can I get to do this?” but will instead ask, “How can we make this happen ourselves?” Because she will have grown tired of agencies making themselves dependent.


This girl gets that none of us are as smart as all of us. She won’t believe that her own insight, emotional intelligence and passion are enough to make greatness happen and will draw excellent minds to her. But although she will create her best work through collaboration, she will understand the violent, urgent need to disappear on her own, the pressure all hers, at the critical moment to crack the brief. And she won’t allow history, pay grade, job title or age to stop the candid conversations that will ultimately make the work special.


She will not only accept change, but understand that there might be someone new at the table next to her every day, and will use lunch in beautiful places to make these new disciplines powerful in the mix.


She is a thief of new technologies.
A murderer of trade unions and waiting lines.
A radiator of energy and believer in the genius of 3 a.m. tequila, when it all matters a little too much.


Her best friend might be a planner.
Her lover might be a producer.


She won’t be ashamed to create things that sell stuff to people because she will have found a way to do it that people enjoy.


She and her workplace will not be invisible. She is no shadowy wizard.
She will work in a place that people in the real world are happy exists.
And her name will be known to people’s mums, readers of Adweek and subscribers of Wired alike.


She will never be 100 percent sure, and she’ll be OK with that, because she’ll have the energy to convince others to take the risks that great work demands.


She will spend her time focusing less on the kerning in a poster and more on how to get the right people to collide powerfully, because agencies are filled with reasons not to say the right things to each other.


A great creative won’t work in a department. She will have a crew.
An understanding that goes beyond the culture of an agency.
And she will maintain and create the rarest entity in our game—trust.


She won’t just set the agenda on the work, but give the agency a true north. And will not only give other creatives a purpose, but make everyone who brings great things to bear a chance to shine.


A great creative won’t support politics.


A great creative will give her people defining moments.
Then push them to move past them.


And like all star players, she will always be on loan. Never yours.
One day, the perfect modern creative will have enough of us.
Because ultimately she will want to create something sacred for herself.
And she will go and do it.
And we will love her for it.



2 Guys I have all the time for.

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Jian Ghomeshi and Jamie Oliver are 2 guys I have nothing but time for.

Ghomeshi is simply one of the most compelling talk show hosts I have had the pleasure of listening to.

Oliver is a non nonsense food guru!

Here is a great chat about food and our kids.

Share this.

The real question is are we listening?

What is LinkedIn?

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Do you ever watch the Vooza videos?

I love the way these guys make us think about the things that are pretty common place in our lives.

Are you on LinkedIn?

Ever had to describe a social media?

This is great food for thought!

A Lesson in Advertising!

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I found this on ADWEEK, absolutely fantastic!


Jerry Seinfeld who brought down the house with a brilliant, hilarious speech about why he loves advertising—which ended up being a blistering anti-advertising rant that comically eviscerated the business.

Students watch this.

Faculty watch this.

Advertisers watch this!

A great speech and a great ad rant!

Engine Art!

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OK, when I think about how a car is put together I think of a loud, busy environemnt with men, women, machines and plenty of air tools.

Well this is not the case for all auto manufacturers!

CoolHunting has a great video story!

Mercedes-AMG’s motto, “one man, one engine” as we watched individual mechanics single-handedly take a motor from start to finish.

I was really surprised and would love to see this attention to detail with everything I buy, within reason!

We could start with restaurants and the chef signing-off on the plates, maybe my cloths with the tailor or seamstress signing off, imagine!

If we care more and are held to our work maybe it would be better?

Here is the video!

Another Great Office!

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I want to work here!

What a cool office.

I wish schools could be more like this!

Read more about it! 

The office I want.

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OK, what is one of the biggest problems we have today with the allocation of space?

We think in terms of one purpose.

We think like this because of the inconvenience of reworking the space in a single day for multiple purposes.

So, we build waste into our buildings!

Check this out.


Employees at Amsterdam design studio Heldergroen won’t be putting in much overtime. Not in the office, at any rate.

That’s because every day at 6 p.m., their desks, tables and other work surfaces, with their computers attached, are hauled up to the ceiling by steel cables normally used to move heavy props in theatrical productions. If you leave a half-eaten tuna sandwich on your desk, you’re out of luck.

Bring this on!


News Game

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I am always interested in examples of how people have taken what we do in the world of media and bring it to new audiences.

In this case how we can inspire the next generation of media professionals.

A great read.

Al Jazeera has today launched its first newsgame – an interactive in which the user takes the role of a journalist assigned to investigate the multi-million dollar illegal fishing trade in Sierra Leone.

Here is the link to the game!

This is an absolutely fantastic multi-media experience, the sound is captivating in the intro and throughout the activity. (listen with headphones it is like you are there)

I love the way the game includes so many elements that make the experience feel real for the journalist.

I am going to give this tool a try with my students in COM200 in Dubai to see how it works with them, I would be curious to hear the experience of others!

“So Much to Learn” by Adam Cohen

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This is just a fantastic song and a fantastic video.

I have said it before Q with Jian Ghomeshi is easily one of the best radio/tv/YouTube programs out there.

I watched this video, by chance, first thing on the weekend and it just made my day!

Interesting the impact of music and poetry, songwriting, on us.

I am sure my COM200 students would be able to talk about the flow of communication and some theory to account for the feel good effect of a song like this from Adam Cohen.

keep looking »