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Music From The Middle East.

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There is a lot going on in this part of the world, the Middle East, and all that seems to make the news is death, destruction and conflict.

OK, sure there is a bit of coverage of the good side of the Middle East, which is truth be told most of the region, but that coverage of the majority is pretty much eclipsed by the death destruction and conflict of the minority.

Which brings me to the radio show I do with the folks over at Triplew.me that spotlights the best in indie music from the Middle East.

Yes there is Indie music in the Middle East and it is worth listening to.

This week we played 6 tunes.

Against the Odds – The Boxtones

Healer Twins – gelino axali

Jay Wud -Low

Gnawa Diffusion – Ya Laymi

Salma – Monodose – Un Verre Chez Nous

Postcards – Where The Wild Ones

Of course there is a lot of fun conversation along the way.

Here we are asking each other, OK James is asking, about rain songs.

A small conversation about the Abu Dhabi commute in a motor home!

And we spend a lot of time talking about sound effects, seems almost as much time spent on this topic as Shania Twain.

But this show is really all about the music.

Here is the podcast.

I am very curious what you think of the tunes we played and I would love to read your feedback.

Email me at James@Jamesed.com or send a not to the show Nightline@DubaiEye1038.ae.


A Look at TechTalk on Nightline!

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Here is a look at what we did on TechTalk on DubaiEye 103.8 FM this week.



Andrew Thomas from DigitalNexa.com and I sat down and had a great conversation about tech stuff and tech news.

This week we had a chance to review 2 Samsung items and talk Google, SnapChat and more.

I loved this part of the show when we realises that we hadn’t ever seen the Kiskstarter app yet we talk Kiscstarter all the time.

And here is a glimpse into how tech advanced we are!

Interested in the Samsung Note Edge and the Gear 2 then you are going to want to give our review a listen.

The Note Edge and Gear 2 Review.

There is no question in my mind that you are going to want to give the podcast a listen, here is the easy link to that.

And here are the show notes!

You will see there are some things we did not talk about, take a look and click there is some gold in the notes!

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3299 AED
I love it for the design!

Gear2 299USD
-looks good online
-waterproof up to 1 meter
-way better than the 1st gen, sorry to those who bought!

The Good The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch delivers an improved design, better notifications, a heart rate monitor, and basic fitness tracking offer a lot of extras. It’s water-resistant, too.
The Bad Limited number of apps; poor S-Health fitness app syncing; can only be paired to Samsung phones; camera is an unnecessary extra for the $100 it costs over the Gear 2 Neo.
The Bottom Line Samsung has made strides with the Gear 2, but this smartwatch is on its own island with few apps and Samsung-only device compatibility. At this point, you’re better off waiting for Android Wear.

How did we miss this? Kick starter has an app


Talko, developed by software legend Ray Ozzie is a coworking and communication app attempting to reinvent the phone call. It falls in the same genre as popular online tools like Slack and HipChat, but unlike those chat-based platforms, it relies heavily on vocal interactions. It’s also mobile based—for now. (A web component is coming soon.) The app allows for calls, texts, and pictures between groups and individuals all happening in the same stream instantaneously and simultaneously. Most importantly, it records all messages. If someone isn’t available, he can chime in or catch up on a conversation when it’s convenient. Participants can flag important moments in meetings or messages, so a late-comer doesn’t have to listen to three hours of audio to get to the important part. “It allows voice to be decorated and annotated just like other data types can be decorated or annotated on the web,” Talko cofounder Matt Pope told Fast Company.
Facebook at work

Facebook messenger and voice transcription is a cool idea!

Snap music


Google vs microsoft



Cool Haptic tool for bikers
Digital broadcasting
Google Might buy SoftCard to compete with Apple!




Fun online promotional campaign, your very own indoor roller coaster



Bluetooth Padlock!

Smart Pacifier!

Solar lights and chargers with heart!





Intersecting new initiative from the uk to get kids ready for tech


Being an influencer is what it is all about!


Check out this phone!
Google Cast Audio!

WhatsApp has crossed another milestone number, with founder Jan Koum announcing that the messaging service now has more than 700 million active monthly users.
That’s 250 million more users than WhatsApp had in February 2014, when Facebook announced plans to buy it for $19 billion. (The deal closed in October, with Koum taking a Facebook board seat and continuing to run WhatsApp.)

TV is going Android?
That’s why I’m so tired


  • Video From Above

  • Video From Above
  • This Polaroid-branded parachute camera shows just how obsessed we have become with picture taking. This year’s CES is packed with cameras to capture every corner of the world—camera devices that go underwater, strap to our heads and attach to drones. Just strap on a paracute and start shooting.

Cool story about becoming a game designer, sort of!

30 million just doesn’t seem like a lot of money these days

All that glitters is not gold

Make a Job?

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I love the idea that there are things you want to do or jobs you want that may not exist.

My advice is create the job you want and it might stick!

And how hard is it to get the idea of just start the job to sink in to a candidates mind?

This is a wonderful story about a person with talent, and idea and the job finding her.

Imagine if it was this easy?

For a while now, British illustrator Sarah Horne has found the Ikea catalog to be an inspiring canvas on which to draw fantastical scenes—with mythical creatures all relaxing in minimalist Swedish homescapes. Well, Ikea saw the drawings—and loved them. And over the holidays they invited Horne to be an official children’s illustrator in residence at its Wembley store.


New Door Thinking

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I love a new idea and this is clever as well as technologically viable!

I would love to see how we could use this for public education.

Imagine putting doors in a school and connecting to a refugee camp?

Imagine putting a door in a mall and connecting to a souq?


Tim Ferriss and a Job

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Tim Ferriss is one of those people that make you as, “how does he do that”?

How do you find the best person for a job?

How honest do you need to be about a position?

Well, Tim Ferriss is looking for a managing editor and he is brutally honest about the up and down side of working for him.

It is a bit long but give this a read, then I will quiz you.

I’m looking for the perfect Managing Editor.

This person will be my right hand for all things related to content. Some of things you’d get to work with:

– One of the world’s most popular blogs (this one). Typically 1.5-2 million readers per month. See “The Tim Ferriss Effect” on Forbes for a funny description of what it can do.

– One of the world’s most popular podcasts — The Tim Ferriss Show — selected by iTunes as “Best of 2014? and often the #1 business podcast across all of iTunes (at times, #1 across all categories).

– Email broadcasts to nearly 500,000 people.

– Social media accounts that reach millions of people.

– New top-secret projects for 2015, including high-end video and new book stuff.

Things would start with a paid one-month trial, probably around 20 hours per week. If things go gangbusters, there would be potential to expand significantly from there. Competitive pay and tons of interesting options.


To help me focus exclusively on writing, interviewing, and other content creation, I need someone who’s expert at handling quite a bit.

The Managing Editor’s responsibilities would include, but not be limited to, the following:

* Spearheading the editorial calendar for the blog, podcast, email, etc. for the next 6-12 months. I’m too ad hoc and last-minute right now. It’s unnecessarily stressful. I need someone to manage most or all of it, including…

* Helping me reach out to would-be podcast guests and book them, prep them, confirm them, etc., whether celebritiesworld-class investors, or scientists.

* Helping me draft blog posts that I don’t otherwise have the bandwidth to adapt. For instance, great unused parts of The 4-Hour Body that are currently Word docs with footnotes, etc. A past example of such adaptation: The Truth About “Homeopathic” Medicine.

* Sourcing great guest posts and guest authors. Here are two different but equally successful examples:Hacking Kickstarter and 20 Things I’ve Learned From Traveling Around the World for Three Years.

* Helping plan and implement content promotion. This would include social accounts reaching millions of people, cutting-edge experimental stuff, and more.

* Experiment with different ways of increasing traffic (syndication, managing SEO/SEM contractors, etc.).


* You’d be working behind the curtains on high-profile projects. You’ll see all of my projects first, and get to play a critical role in their creation and launch. This could range from interviewing icons to wordsmithing posts or book chapters that will be seen by millions of people.

* I will ask your advice and look to you for original ideas, new experiments, and more.

* If you’re in SF (or willing to visit), you will also be invited to spend time with the most impressive people in my network. In fact, that would be part of your job.

* I might send you great tequila, there will be strange assignments, and you get to work with a weirdo. That’s me. There won’t be a lot of boredom.


Please note that most of the below are “must have,” not “nice to have.”

First and foremost, you need to understand and love the goal of my content — helping people unlock their latent potential, and providing non-obvious toolkits to that end.

These types of stories must make you excited to conquer the world, do huge things, and tackle big problems. Alignment with the above mission is the most important, but you should also:

1) Have at least 2-4 years of writing/editorial experience
2) Be a great writer and equally good at editing/improving other people’s writing.
3) Have managed tight deadlines and successfully put together editorial calendars.
4) Ideal: Have managed other writers.
5) Ideal: Comfortable with WordPress.
6) Ideal but not required: Live in or near SF. Remote is also possible.

I need someone with relevant experience. This is non-negotiable. I cannot take fresh grads or people who don’t check most of the above boxes. I’m hiring a pro, not looking to mentor someone from ground zero.


A friend and well-known editor for a massive site cautioned me about this section. In his words:

“[It’s] great to tell people about these, but maybe be a little less brutal with your self-descriptions? These are reasonable expectations in my trade.”

Alas, I still prefer the Shackleton approach to job descriptions. Being my Managing Editor will not be easy. Rewarding? Definitely. Exciting at many times? Absolutely. Easy? Not likely. Think of it like a professional sports team. I’m not going to haze you or anything stupid, but my content works because I take it very, very seriously. We’re here to create posts that are more valuable (traffic-wise) two years after publication than the week we put them out. We want epic content that gets linked to by “real” media all over the world. If you have the right personality for it, you’ll love this. But…

Here are some fair expectations:

* I’m an unrelenting perfectionist. If you’re not the same, it will probably make you insane.
* I live and die by deadlines. They are absolutely sacred, and I am merciless about this.
* You will need to be self-directed and very self-organized. Besides inflexible deadlines, I won’t provide a lot of structure. I assume you’re bringing a lot of your own

How would you advertise your job?

If you were to write an add for your job, the one you are doing now, how would you sell it?


Design Lessons From Aaron Draplin

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I’m an educator and I would like nothing better to be able to point my students to the ultimate idea/assembly line learning textbook.

The problem is there is no one ultimate source for how-to in anything.

Yes we have best practices and yest we have textbooks and yes we have example after example of how-to but it is all about time -in and application.

Aaron Draplin has made some excellent design videos that do so many things that every student needs to be reminded of CONSTANTLY.

1. practice

2. experience

3. turn off the tech

4. look around

5. simple is good

6. it has been done before BUT can feel fresh today

7.  presentation counts




OK Aaron Draplin has passion and he isn’t afraid to let you know, even if the language is foul, but he has some great points to think about and live by!

Now you have something to think about.

5 Must Have Skills

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As we wander into a new year we find ourselves taking a bit of a measure of our success and failure.

Many of us also start thinking about how we might reboot something we started or how we might go about picking up some pieces of what we started a while back.

All of this to say 83 Oranges | Digital Design Co. has a great list of 5 skills we all need to have.

So, how do you do in the 5 skills you must have tally?


5 Skills No One Can Do Wihtout



Customer Service?

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Of course we all need to be thinking about customer service, and yes many still get it deadly wrong, but where do we start?

Like public speaking we seem to base our ideas about customer service on what we have witnessed in our lives as we have gone from the baby stroller to now.

Vooza has a way of making us say, yea that is it, as they poke a stick in your eye telling you to smarten up!

Here is a great of example of how we should start rethinking customer service.

Love Bahamas

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When you have the opportunity to hear a person speak about what they do and with passion it is hypnotic.

Afie Jurvanen is one of those people you want to have dinner with.

Do what you love and love what you do.

Body Image and Women Examples

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Bustle did a great experiment asking 21 photoshop experts to take the image of a plus sized woman and make her look beautiful, of course this is from their perspective.

Give the article a read it is a lot of food for thought.



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