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Another Tool for Broadcasting!

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periscope You have to love technology.

Social media has changed the game of information sharing and is in the long game process of re-formatting not only how information media work but how the content they rely on is gathered.

One of the tools that I have just started to experiment with is periscope.

I have to admit I love the look and feel and the story!


Just over a year ago, we became fascinated by the idea of discovering the world through someone else’s eyes. What if you could see through the eyes of a protester in Ukraine? Or watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon in Cappadocia? It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation. While there are many ways to discover events and places, we realized there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around.

Periscope is not the only twitter enabled video streamer, Meerkat is also in the game.

So which do you try?

If you have had a chance to listen to TechTalk, the program I do with Andrew Thomas the MD of Nexa, you will have a leg up on how to start thinking about these 2 tools and why Andrew is leaning towards Periscope.

Here is the clip from TechTalk where we spoke about Meekat vs Periscope.

The problem with both of these streaming tools is that at the moment they are ONLY Apple iOS friendly.

Fortunately I use an iPad so I do get to get in on the fun.

How it all works is you need to download the appropriate app and it will link to your twitter account to let people know what is happening, but to view the content you need the appropriate app, in my case Periscope.

I turned on the app and it asks for a title, put in a few hashtags and you are broadcasting with notifications in twitter and interaction if you like!

twitter grab

I like the fact that the video can be saved to your camera roll if you like, creating other opportunities to share!

So, what we learned from an early attempt on the show is the video can only be shot in portrait, well with an iPad anyway!

A bit of DocTalk with Periscope.

Is this a tool i like? YES.

Will we use more of it on Nightline? YES.

Classroom applications? MANY.

Should you try it? YES.


Great Story

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What would you do if you won the lottery?

What about work, what is that job that vocation that thing you would do if you could just do what you wanted to do?

I came across this video about a finance guy who became a do walker.

I love the story and I love the idea of the video.

So, if you could, if you could make the move what is the job you would love to be doing?

Cool Tools

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These are great times!

15 years ago the idea of asking a class to make a video was a rather long and drawn out process.

Today with the power of a phone and a laptop a student with mediocre skills can dream, record, edit and deliver a project at lightning speed.

And things have just gotten better.

Pixar has made RENDERMAN available for non-commercial purposes, WOW!

And it is easy to get!

Download & Install

Become a Non-Commercial RenderMan user today. Download and install RenderMan, and you’ll be ready to start creating your own CGI.
Download & Install ?

Medium and message just got a lot more interesting.

Simply Great Music From The Middle East

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Every week Nightline goes from a talk show to the regions premier independent recording artist music show.
I really do have a great gig professor to radio and all sorts in the middle.
Triplew.ME brings in a bag of music and we play and chat about what we are hearing!.
Honestly there isn’t a better music show in the Middle East, but I am biased this is my show.
So you be the judge.

Here is a bit of what we spoke about.


Some might say we live the dream or I live in the dream.

The anatomy of a song.

All good songs want you to play air guitar.

Here is the lineup for the show.

El Genina – Zaed Naes ft. Maii Waleed

Noush Likes Sploosh
Lonley at night
There is something wrong with this picture

Warda – Betwannis Bik (Who Killed Bruce Lee cover)

O Grey – Tanjaret Daght

And here is the podcast in full.

So what are your thoughts?

Who did you like?

Happy indie listening.

Get to talk Cars!

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On a weekly basis I get to sit down and talk cars with the boys over at MotoringME.com, these guys are fun and very cool.
Here is what our show sounds like, great I know.

Well, here is a great conversation we had and it all took place around a very sweet Audi!

A Great Hour Of Music!

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It is that time of the week when we cuddle up to the jukebox and get ready to listen to what the folks from Triplew.ME have pulled out of the vault!
As always the show is full of insight.
The talk of genres continues.

Is it possible that Nickleback has listened to this music and been inspired? Adam has a different take on the Nickleback reference.

And there is another genre added!

Here is the entire program to share!

So here is what you are listening to!

Hayajan Ween El-Kalam-

Fables of Cantt – Wait-

Kazamada Mish mohem –

Lazzy Lung – Sex and Pirates-

Sahra Band – Helly El-Bab-

Near Surface – Now You’re Here-

Akher Zapheer – Arba3 Sneen -



What Do We Need To Read?

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Do you subscribe to Open Culture?

I love this website because of the content that is often very thought provoking.

A recent post asked this simple question, that is not so simple actually.

What Books Could Be Used to Rebuild Civilization?: Lists by Brian Eno, Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly & Other Forward-Thinking Minds

Here are 3 of the lists.

10 Titles from Brian Eno’s Manual for Civilization list

10 Titles from Stewart Brand’s Manual for Civilization list

10 Titles from Kevin Kelly’s Manual for Civilization list

What are the books you would put on your list?

So Easy to Not Post!

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It is so easy to say I will get to it later when it comes to writing a thought or idea to the World Wide Web.

Guilty as charged.

A few weeks ago Marcus Smith invited me to be part of the 1st InnerTalk series.

It was very humbling to get up on a stage and share a piece of my story.

I know what you are thinking, I talk on the radio and as a professor so how hard could be talking at innerTalks be?

I don’t talk about me, I talk about stuff, I am usually the moderator.

If you can go to InnerTalks, the 2nd event is coming up February 26th.

Here is what I did on the InnerTalks stage.

I encourage everyone to get up on a stage, and maybe the Innerfight stage to tell your story, we all have a story to tell to inspire others.



Sharing Ideas.

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Sharing ideas is a big thing these days.

There are any number of conferences that are predicated on bringing together an audience and an awesome group of speakers and letting the magic happen.

Think TED.

In 2009 TED took the bold step of handing the opportunity over to TEDsters to create their own speaking series TEDx or an independently organised TED event.

I have been part of the TEDx phenomenon with the 1st TEDxDubai event, TEDxZU, TEDxDubaiWomen and TEDxAbuDhabiU and I loved the buzz.

Recently, as you may or may not know a small group of us, Paul Kelly, Haifa Al Rasheed and myself have kicked off CreativeMornings Dubai.

What I love about the CreativeMornings adventure is that it is an hour long, in the morning, hyper focused around the creative community and monthly. Time, topic and format are 3 huge issues in my book and things that have prevented me from attending other events.

What is also interesting about the CreativeMornings organisation is they are fully aware that others might look at what they are doing and say hey great idea but I want to go it alone so they are happy to say look, listen and create!

Marcus Smith at Innerfight has done just that and created his own monthly speaking series, at 8am on the last Thursday of the month.

Marcus calls his speaking series, InnerTalks!

I had the privilege of being on the 1st Innertalks stage.



Here is how Marcus describes his speaking series.


Inner Talks 1

InnerTalks kicked off on Jan 29th in Dubai. A huge thanks to all who attended the event.

Below is the audio file of the talks which is also available as a podcast download in itunes and also on stitcher. The video versions of the talks will be live very soon and will appear on this page.

InnerTalks will be held on the final Thursday of each month at InnerFight from 8am-9am. We invite anyone who would like to speak to contact us so we can schedule your talk, talks can be on any subject of your choice and can last for up to 10 minutes or even just 60 seconds. We really encourage everyone to share their experiences and learning in the attempt to inspire and motivate others around us. Please now mail us if you would like to talk at a future InnerTalks event.

I love the idea of sharing ideas and creating a mechanism to do so.

I hope we see more hyper-local sharing events in Dubai.


Speed and Ideas.

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newFor several years I have been giving intermittent thought to how it is that some ideas seem to stick and others don’t.

As an educator I like to think that I get to play in the ideas sandbox trying to theoretically and practically understand the mechanism of idea uptake.

There are many people thinking about what it takes to get ideas to stick from brands to governments, educationalists to parents.

In the process we are fortunate to have thousands of physical and virtual pages written trying to understand what makes people go in one direction, when it comes to the adoption and internalisation of ideas and not another.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time considering the communication process and the way that system interacts with the audience to influence their thinking.

I have been asking why one person’s story might be more convincing than another’s.

What I keep coming back to is how fast the person sharing the idea or presenting the facts or telling the story is going about the task. How much time is being spent to seed the idea?

In my own words I call this the freeze/thaw effect.

I was watching a presentation by Robert Redford on the changes at the Sundance Film Festival and it would seem that Mr. Redford is describing some of the issues associated with freezing and thawing ideas!

There is a lot in this clip, the piece that really applies to what I am talking about is at 24 minutes.

There is a lot more to be said about ideas and how we get them to go from being talk to action to something larger but there is no doubt in my mind it all begins with the tenacity to slow down the delivery and allow those being communicated with to discover their own enthusiasm.

More to come…


keep looking »