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More Great Indie Music

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On a weekly basis I get to sit back with Paul and Adam from Triplew.me and listen to some absolutely amazing indie music from across the Middle East.

The Show from last week was great as usual!

But the group that once again stood out and just took over the show was

Mashrou’ Leila

This is the video to the tune we played, love these guys!

Go find them on Soundcloud for a preview of simply great music!

I particularly like this tune!

Nightline and indie music, I am not sure who is lucky me or you?

CreativeMornings @CM_Dubai

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CreativeMornings is simply the best activity I have been involved with in Dubai!

That is a bold statement because I have been here for 16 years and was part of the founding team that organised the 1st TEDxDubai, and that was great.

But CreativeMornings in Dubai brings together a unique blend of community, professional development, ideas and grass roots excitement that has me wanting to organise this event each month.

As I was watching the presentations again I realised how diverse the Dubai community is.

All of the Dubai videos are available online!

Here is our last presentation to give you an idea what CM is all about in case you are in the dark.

Crom was speaking about work and how he has blended passion and tenacity to build a graphic arts and music design career.

And kicking it all off was Marc Stringa, with a great talk about creativity and practical design.

CreativeMornings is a great way to start the 3rd Thursday of every month, check out Mo Rida talking time December 10th!

The Guy Sings My Theme Song!

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I think everyone needs a theme song.

Fortunately I do a weekly radio show with the folks over at Triplew and we get to play out some of the best independent recording artists in the Middle East.

Well over the last 5 years we have played a store full of tunes and there is one tune I keep coming back to by RaSH Radio.

This is the tune, Don’t Stop, that I keep playing over and over and I keep saying that this is the tune that is my theme song it sounds like I dress and feel.

Here is a great interview with RaSH.

Maybe you are interested in hearing the entire show, the other 2 artists this week are also very fun to listen to.

Let me know what you think!

Great Driving Tunes!

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By day I am a professor and by night radio talk show host, yes I have the life, in your dreams maybe.

There is something cool about getting to create professional radio content.

Every week we do our Middle East Indie Music Show with the team at Triplew.ME and this week it was a totally self indulgent show.

As the weather cools down  it is time to get some driving music into the 8 Track player in your car!

So, we set out to create a sweet driving mix, one that demands the volume to be cranked and the windows to be down, maybe the roof off!

Paul and I did it!

At the start I said this was self indulgent because we didn’t pick these songs for the listener/reader but purely for our own listening pleasure.

Of course the mix is excellent and the acts unmatched so you get something special.

Another way to get the Download! 

So who is in the mix?

Wanton Bishops Sleep with the Lights on 

Shady Ahmed The Way Out 

Lazy Lung Ridin

Beat Antenna Love Never Lands 

Davincci Park Get out there and dance 

Mr.Fari I belong to you 

Postcards Oh the Places we will go 


We have been doing the Jukebox for a while on DubaiEye and I have to say that this is one of the best collections we have done!

So play the mix, blast it and share it far and wide!



Creativity is in the air!

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In 2009 I had the opportunity to attend my 1st TED Conference in Long Beach California, this event was a creativity game changer for me.

Sitting and listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talking about creativity I realised that part of the creativity conundrum is simply seeing the elements of creativity around us in plain sight.

What was surprising to me, and I m sure to many who have listened to Elizabeth Gilbert since this talk was recorded in 2009, is the idea that creativity is elusive not because it is not there but maybe because we are not in a place or space to let it work with us.

Since 2009 I have listened hard to people working in the creative industries to try and get a glimpse into their journey with creativity.

What I have learned is that you can create an environment that fosters creativity and this is sure to help it find you but it has to find you and unless you are in space and time that is conducive to the creative process you are going to be at a loss.

I have also come to realise that many people in the creative industries really are not so creative but good at following a process that uses creative tools to produce product that has the hallmarks of creativity but are simply copies of those truly creative products.

So, am I suggesting that there is a lot of posing or false creativity around us? YES.

But if you are in the right space and time and have those that are willing and able to facilitate the creative process creativity can and does materialise.

Recently I had an opportunity to listen to a recording by Shady Ahmed playing 2 great tunes but also talking about the creative process.

Music and a conversation by Shady Ahmed on creativity and the creative process.

After listening to Shady and Elizabeth Gilbert I have this vision of creative ideas swirling around us, poking us, and trying to get our attention and in a fleeting moment consuming us as it sees an opening to be brought to the attention of the rest of us through that creative outlet, the creative person!

What is creativity?

How do we get creative?

How do we harness creativity?

I believe it is a union of space, time and circumstance.

Share your creativity stories.

opening image by Shutterstock

A Look a the SONY M5

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I had an opportunity to sit down and review the Sony M5, nice phone.

Do I love the M5?

Look I am caught in the familiarity trap of my Samsung Note 2, I know how can that be.

But I do like the features of the phone and the fact that it is dust and waterproof.

Have a listen to the review! 

Fitness Journey Week 5

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2015-11-01 16.17.36

5 weeks into a sustained fitness program and I have to admit I need to be in the gym more.

This week started out great and then my partner got sick and given I am the ride for the sick partner we had to bail out on the end of the week workout.

After a week off with an injury I wasn’t sure how it would all come together and whether or not the injury was healed.

Thrusters, Inch Worm Pushups, Sled Pushing and Kettle Bells were what was on tap.

During the warm up I wasn’t sure how the old calf was going to take the complex movement and I was surprised when it all loosened up and there was no pain or sign of pain returning. 2 days later all is well!

Thrusters, a squat with a bar that is then pushed above the head while increasing the weight, is not my idea of fun but we made it work. Add pushing a sled 100m and you know if your legs are working. Put a kettle bell swing in at the end, 15 of those, and you know you have abs and shoulder muscles.

This was a good day.

It was a whole body workout and I think I was a bit more realistic, pushing hard BUT being mindful of the need to still not over weight the bar for lifts and to listen to the body a bit more intently.

Another good week!

Have a listen to my conversation with Marcus the man behind Innerfight!

Fitness Journey Week 4

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2015-10-18 17.21.17

This is my fitness journey record, if you are wondering what I am writing about.

I have been doing a fitness show on DubaiEye for at least the last 4 years.

While I have been talking fitness and the gym I have stuck to my running, swimming and cycling to keep in basic shape.

This year my youngest wanted to get into a bit better shape for football season so I joined him in the gym to help motivate his exercise and became a little hooked myself.

This week was good but I had a small setback!

The setback was I only made it to the Sunday workout and was forced into a bit of extended recovery for a knee injury which is actually a calf issue, a huge golf ball of a knot is making movement difficult and painful.

The good side to this is with rest and a lot of stretching and rolling of the calf it well on its way to being better!

The moral of this story is stretch before and after a workout and remember what you could do at 18 is not necessarily what you can do, as fast, at 50!

Here is the podcast of Marcus, the creator of the Innerfight Gym, and myself talking about my workout.

This week it was all about the lunges and to be honest I had no idea that these could make your legs feel numb.  Walking lunges and backward lunges sound easy but after a series of reps, as we did you wish you had no idea what they are.

One of the most gratifying elements of this workout was a lifting set where you increased the weight to a max level for a single lift.  I was a bit shaky but was able to keep up with some of the gym regulars.

The final rotation on the rowing, ski and bikes was hard and while it appeared on paper to be an easy set it was may have been closer to brutal.

This week I think I was sweating more than I have ever before in my life.

In the end this was a great workout and I could feel that I had worked myself and pushed to the limit BUT I was not feeling like I had over pushed and was destined to toss my cookies.

I think I might actually be developing a bit of upper body strength.

The goal still remains to be able to knock off 10 pull ups!

I left the gym with a smile.


Fitness Journey, Week 3

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2015-10-11 17.18.42

Week 3 of my fitness journey with Marcus Smith and www.innerfight.com.

I can sum up the week in 2 words, PRETTY GOOD.

Here is a look at what we did.

2015-10-11 16.22.57

2015-10-13 16.22.39

On Sunday there was a lot of lifting and I have to be honest the inside of my armpits were really tender from the previous week’s workout.  One thing is becoming very clear, I have pretty poor upper body strength and need to do a lot more work.

Squats with weight are a very interesting exercise.

I said that my inner armpits were a bit tender and that may be to light a term, I found it really hard to even do multiple pushups.

But by Wednesday I was feeling much better.

Tuesday’s workout left the arms alone and concentrated on lifting and did a real number on my legs.

Thankfully Marcus warned me that my legs were going to be feeling it.

2 things I found interesting the box jumps and the lunges with a light weight, we were suppose to do 100 but I managed 65.

An interesting side note to this exercise journey is I am learning that my recovery time is not what it was when I was 30.

Recovery is super important and it is taking me much longer than I had expected.

A chat with Marcus about the gym journey.

I am looking forward to getting back into the gym and seeing what Marcus has in store for me!

2015-10-13 16.23.34


Just a great song from a great band!

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Every now and then you come across a band that makes you stop in your tracks and take a second listen.

Well let me tell you about a band out of Cairo, The Sharmoofers, Ahmed Bahaa and Moe El 3Arkan.!

You can follow the band on Facebook and if you take a look at their site this is what is says about them.

A Project Is Sharmoofers And Its Members Are Ahmed Bahaa,
& Moe El-3rkan, We Believe That Music IS The Way To Happiness ..
Al l And Vocal Music Production Lines Are Played And Sang By The Sharmoofers
Wait For Our New Album “El Ghorfa” ..

There is something about this band that makes you smile and you just can’t seem to stop your feet from wanting to get your body up and dancing.

Here is my favourite song, let me introduce you to the Sharmoofers!

keep looking »